Physical Science

Unit: Thermodynamics

Grant Stock
High School Principal
Crane, MO

Instructional Goals: 

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C Layer Assignments 

Goal 2: Be able list the points of the kinetic molecular theory and give examples to prove it.

  1. Make a chart on a piece of paper that lists the points of the kinetic molecular theory. Draw a picture by each that would help you remember what the points are. (4 points)
  2. Come up with some sort of saying or acrostic to remember the major points of the kinetic molecular theory. (4 points)

Goal 3: Be able to define heat and temperature. Be able to transfer between units of energy.

  1. Do the energy cost worksheet. (5 points)
  2. Draw a picture that would help me remember the definitions for heat and for temperature. (3 points)
  3. Make a note card that can be used to solve problems for converting between units of energy. Make sure you can use it to solve an energy conversion problem. This may be used on the test (3 points)

Goal 5: Determine the relationship between energy and phase change.

  1. Do a power point that shows the relationship between energy and phase change. Explain what is happening at each change of phase. (5 points)
  2. List the 6 phase changes and draw a picture of what is happening at each phase change. (4 points)

Goal 6: Use the kinetic molecular theory to account for physical properties of a solid liquid or gas.

  1. Draw a picture of what is happening at a molecular level for each phase change. (5 points)
  2. Create a song that would explain what is happening on a molecular level at each phase change. (5 points)

Chapter Work

B Layer Assignments

  1. Make a model that would demonstrate how the current molecular theory works. You may make this out of any thing you like but food is always nice. (10 points)
  1. Make homemade Ice cream. Then write a 2 paragraph summary of what is happening on the molecular level.
  1. Do the phase change lab. This is where you will heat water from a frozen phase till it is in a vapor or gas phase. In your write up make sure you draw what the graph of the temperature looked like through the whole process. (10 points)
  2. Create a board game that we could play that would incorporate all the concepts we have learned this chapter. (10 points)
  1. Design an experiment that will prove which has the largest specific heat, water, sand, salt, or oil. Approve with teacher and then perform it. (15 points)
  1. Pretend that you are a person that lives in a world where there are no fossil fuels. Describe your life and routines regarding how you get energy for every day life. Tell us about any problems or enjoyable things that happen. Be creative. This paper must be at least 2 pages double spaced 11 font. (15 points)
  1. Build a miniature model of a house out of what ever material you fell would be a good insulator. It must have the correct specifications mentioned on the house assignment sheet. We will heat the house up to 120 degrees Celsius and who ever has the highest temperature after 30 minutes wins and gets to go on the wall of fame.    (30 points)

A Layer Assignments

100-90 89 - 80 79 - 70 69 - 60 59 - 0