Sherrie Gubler, Hurricane Middle School

Hurricane, Utah

Core objectives: develop independence in reading, use prior knowledge to understand, make predictions, and construct new meaning, process strategies to create text, and to use technology to facilitate writing.

The purpose of this project is to complete the variety of assignments to provide the reader with a glimpse and an in-depth comprehension of the book Blackwater Swamp.

Level “C” In order to receive a “C” grade choose any of the following assignments to equal up to 77 points.

****REQUIRED: Read with the class and follow along, then take the “AR” quiz at the end of the book. The points you receive will be the % received from taking the test. (__________% received)

****REQUIRED: Find 1 connection, 2 visualizing text, and 3 questions for each chapter. Turn in at the end of the book. (10 pts.) ( _________pts. received.)

_______1. Research swamp, bayou and wetlands. Create a collage of pictures that describe these types of areas. Label each area and where it is located. (10 pts.)

_______2. Research endangered species. Create a poster showing what some of the endangered species are. Label them and tell where they are located. (10 pts.)

_______3. Create a diorama of a swamp, bayou or wetland. (10pts.)

_______4. Find a picture of an alligator snapper. Create a foldable that tells all about the animal. (10 pts.)

_______5. Choose a graphic organizer from the board and use it to describe one of the two main characters in Blackwater Swamp. (10 pts.)

_______6. Research legends on the internet. Find one to read that talks about a swamp in the legend. Fill out a book report form on the legend you choose to read. (10 pts.)

7. Choose a graphic organizer from the board and make a story web for the novel. (10 pts.)

________8. Using the reading strategy of questioning write 2 “thick questions” from each chapter. Answer the questions if they are found as you read the novel. (10 pts.)

9. Create a game that has facts and information about endangered species and swamps or bayous. (10 pts.)

________10. Search and find 10 unknown words that you did not know the meaning of before. 2 of the 10 must be from the spelling and vocabulary word list. Create 10 flash cards with the word and definition on each. (10 pts.)

11. Find 2 legends and share them with one other person. Have them sign on the dotted line that you shared 2 legends with them. ------------------------------------------(name) (10 pts.)

Level “B”
A “B” is a grade you can aim for if you earn 77 points from the “C” level and then choose 3 assignments from the “B” level.

1. What is your point of view on endangered species? Write an essay about how you feel. Minimum of 200 words. (10 pts.)

________2. Predict what you think would happen if there were no laws protecting animals. Minimum of 200 words. (10 pts.)

________3. Propose a method to protecting one type of endangered species by using a foldable to do so. (10 pts.)

________4. Create a foldable that would advertise a popular “Bed and Breakfast” on a bayou. (10 pts.)

________5. Create a foldable that would advertise and tell about a 3 hour tour along a popular swamp or bayou. (10 pts.)

________6. Create a ballad that would tell about a legend with a swamp or bayou in it. (10 pts.)

Level “A”
An “A” is a grade you can aim for if you complete of the assignments for level “A” and the maximum points for level “C” and level “B” .

1. Defend what your reasons are for defending, or not defending, endangered species. Write an essay, minimum of 200 words. (20 pts.)

________2. Find 2 legends and compare them to each other. Write an essay comparing them. Minimum of 200 words. (20 pts.)

_______3. Choose a book that is by the same author. Read it, then write a comparison paper comparing it to Blackwater Swamp. Minimum of 200 words. (20 pts.)