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This unit is based on the Newbery Medal-winning novel by Louis Sachar and the Walt Disney Movie. In this unit you will meet Stanley Yelnats, who is sentenced to dig holes at Camp Green Lake. This richly entwined story provides a great example of how setting can play an important role in literature.


The power of fate to determine events

The benefits of friendship

The destructive nature of cruelty

The importance of history in everyday life

Motifs: Physical environment/names Symbols: Onions/Yellow-Spotted Lizards

"C" Level.. 45-160 points

1. Vocabulary development - (Word Art Handout)____5 pts.

o barren -

o compound -

o notorious -

o avenge -

o amassed -

o stifling -

2. Listen to the Plot Overview. Do the Prereading Strategies Handout.___5 pts.

3. Listen to Louis Sachar's book, Holes. Be prepared to answer discussion

questions about the book.____20 pts.

4. Answer Understanding Setting, Scope, pg. 11.._____5 pts.

5. QuickWrite - Complete the writing assignments after Chapters 15, 24, and

43 of the book____15 pts.

6. Read Scholastic Scope, Issue April 11, 2003 play, Holes____5 pts.

7. Watch the movie, Holes and don't sleep(5 points each day)____10 pts.

8. Play Skills, p. 10..____15 pts.

9. Poetry (Using the senses-See Handout).____10 pts.

10. Stereotyping (See Handout).____5 pts.

11. Word Scrambles (See Handout).____5 pts.

12. Scavenger Hunt (Go to website below).____20 pts.


13. Compare/Contrast Zero's non-family versus Stanley's loving family (See

Graphic Organizer - Venn Diagram).____10 pts.

14. Character Analysis: Stanley Yelnats, Zero, Katherine Barlow

(See Graphic Organizer - Character Analysis).____30 pts.

"B" Level175-300 points (Choose 1 to 3)

1. Design a Wanted Poster for "Kissin' Kate Barlow"____15 pts.

2. News Article (See Handout and Graphic Organizer, The 5 W's____20 pts.

3. Create a Book Cover (See Handout).____20 pts.

4. Create a Timeline (See Handout and Graphic Organizer, Timeline).

Note: This is a Powerpoint presentation.____30 pts.

5. Mess Tent (See Handouts - Recipes for peaches and onions).____25 pts.

6. You as Inventor (See Handout).____30 pts.

"A" Level.320-370 (Choose one)

1. Classroom Debate (Group Project - 4 students). In recent years, more

juveniles (those under age 18) are being tried as adults when they commit adult

crimes. What do you think about this? (See Handout)._____50 pts.

2. Essay - Which character changed the most? How does he/she change? How

do you think others will view this person in the future?._____20 pts.

3. Essay - Holes covers 3 distinct periods of time. How do times change? What

things will never change? Give examples/evidence_____25 pts.

4. Essay - Does history always repeat itself? Some believe that it does, and that those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them. In your essay give examples of history repeating itself. What mistakes are we making now in history that might be repeated? Give evidence to back up your claim..._____30 pts.

5. Essay - Do you see evidence of prejudice/racism in the relationship of Kissin' Kate and Sam, "the Onion Man"? Have attitudes and tolerance levels changed since then? Give evidence and examples to back up your claims. Document more than one culture.._____30 pts.

45 points = 70 160 points = 79

175 points = 80 300 points = 89

320 points = 90 370 points = 100

_____Total Points _____Final Grade

STUDENT NAME______________________________________Class Period____


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Some helpful sites for gathering information/evidence:

The Texas Juvenlie System

Juvenile Justice and Human Rights

Boot Camp for Juveniles


Mrs. Joplin, Paris High School