Holly Curry
Science teacher
Overton High School
Overton Texas

Choose three activities.  You must choose an A, a B, and a C.  Bs and Cs are individual activities.  A is a partner activity.  These can be worked on in any order.  I would suggest starting with threes because they are in pairs and can be done in class.  This will require you to work outside of class!!  Please sign up in the back for your partners.


C– 2-24

B – 2 – 25

A - 3-1 

Summarize the classification notes. 


Dichotomous key activity – Norns


Complete the Classification project/aliens


Make a PowerPoint presentation that explains and illustrates classification and the different kingdoms.


Free Activity Space

Do some type of activity, song, rap, poem, PowerPoint, or something that the teacher has approved that will illustrate the different levels of classification and the different kingdoms


Make a crossword puzzle that uses all of the classification levels and the different kingdoms


Develop a dichotomous key for a set (at least five) of imaginary organisms.


Make a collage using magazine pictures that illustrates the levels of classification and the different kingdoms.


Draw classification

Points Available:

C – up to 20 points

B – up to 30 points

A – up to 50 points

Each is a separate grade.  Ones and twos are daily grades, threes are test grades.

Extra credit:

You may complete ONE extra square for extra credit…how ever much it is worth is the amount of extra credit.