Holly Curry
Science Teacher
Overton High School
Overton, Tx

Unit Objectives;


C - Activities:

You must complete 30 points (6 activities) of C level activities.  Each item is worth 5 points.  For extra credit, you may complete up to two extra C activities.  All C activities are due by Monday, February 8th.  These can be done in class or at home.  All of these activities are individual activities.  Check the items you would like to complete.


B - Activities:

You must complete one of the B activities.  Each item has a different point value.  You may complete one extra activity for five points of extra credit.  All C activities must be completed, turned in, and checked off before moving to B activities.  All of the activities in the section, except the last one, are individual activities.  Check off the activities you would like to complete.


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