Holly Curry
Science teacher
Overton High School
Overton Texas

Choose three activities.  You must choose an A, a B, and a C.  Bs and Cs are individual activities.  A is a partner activity.  These can be worked on in any order.  I would suggest starting with A because they are in pairs and can be done in class.  This will require you to work outside of class!!  Everyone must do C-1 in addition to their other C, B, and A.  (In other words, you will be doing two C, one B, and one A.)  Any assignments that can be turned in digitally are great!


C– 3-7 (end of class)

B – 3-10 (middle of class)

A - 3-12 (end of class) 


Complete the solution worksheet


Summarize the solution notes


Draw how the solubility of a solid into a liquid can increase.


Make a PowerPoint that explains and illustrates solutions and how to increase solubility.  Remember to include pictures.


Make a brochure that advertises and illustrates different types of solutions and how to increase solubility.


Make and do a demonstration that will show a group of 5th grade students how to increase solubility of a solid into water.


Answer this question by doing a lab:

What can be done to increase the solubility of a solid into a liquid?

Complete a lab report (digitally) 


Free Activity Space

Do some type of activity, song, rap, poem, PowerPoint, or something that the teacher has approved that will illustrate the factors that increase solubility and the different types of solutions. 

Make a review game that illustrates and reviews students on the types of solutions and factors that increase solubility.

Points Available:

C – up to 20 points

B – up to 30 points

A – up to 50 points

Each is a separate grade.  C and B are daily grades, A is a test grade.