Work and Power

Holly Curry
Science Teacher
Overton High School
Overton, Tx

C - Activities:

You must complete 30 points of C level activities.  For extra credit, you may complete up to two extra C activities that will be counted for five points each.  All C activities are due by Monday, February 8th.  These can be done in class or at home.  All of these activities are individual activities.  Check the items you would like to complete. 

  1. From this website click on each statement on the left side of the screen. This will lead you to information on that topic. Write 5 facts on each section and complete the questions at the end of each section. Also include any equations which are given. (10pts)
  2. Power/Energy/Efficiency Problems Worksheet. SHOW WORK(10pts)
  3. Complete WORK and POWER Worksheet. SHOW WORK (10pts)
  4. Summarize the notes (5pts)
  5. Find pictures in a magazine that reflects physics work being done.  Place them neatly on a poster. (5pts)
  6. Read and outline the chapter on work and power. (10pts)
  7. Draw five pictures that show work being done (5pts)
  8. Draw five pictures that show power (5pts)

B - Activities:

You must complete one of the B activities.  Each item has is worth 25 points and is a problem you need to write a lab report for and solve.  You may complete one extra activity for five points of extra credit.  All C activities must be completed, turned in, and checked off before moving to B activities.  All of these activities are done in pairs from your group.  Check off the activities you would like to complete and place the name of your partner next to the activity.  These labs must be typed and turned in digitally by Friday, February 12th.

  1. What will cause an increase in power?
  2. How does wattage of a light bulb affect the light and heat output?
  3. Which type of insulation is the most efficient?
  4. How does distance and force effect amount of work done?
  1. Create a power point presentation or booklet describing the importance of conserving power.  Research and give your references.
  2. Free activity related to work or power.  You MUST talk to me as a group before moving on with this activity.
  3. Create a brochure for an imaginary “perfect” city where all power is converted and alterative energy is important to this city.  It must involve something about work and power being important to the city.

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