Summer of the Monkeys
by Debra Hurst
Hurricane Middle School
Hurricane, UT

Core objectives met: connections, predictions, comprehending new information, reading for purposes, independence in reading and creating text. To encourage, support, and motivate independent reading by appealing to different learning styles and offering students multiple choices when responding to books. Some choices will be completed while students are reading the book, some after.

Section 1 - Earn a grade of “C” - 70 points

Required - Read the book Summer of the Monkeys for 35 points. Do one of the following:

1. Take the AR reading Test on the computer and pass with a grade of 70% or higher.

2. Set up a time with the teacher to orally pass the book off to them. Students who have read the book should be able to easily discuss different parts of the book. If not able to do one of the above, you will not be able to complete this assignment and earn the points for the book. _______ Reading Points Earned

Student Choice - Select and complete any of the following assignments for a maximum of 35 points. Working with a partner or groups will be acceptable if it is stated in the assignment. however, each of you must be able to explain in a conference with the teacher, what you have learned from your assignment. Be sure to do your best work. Let your imagination and personality show in your work. The better your effort, the better your score.

______ Complete a graphic organizer of your choice that gives room for illustrations and summaries of the book. The six most important events of the book should be illustrated and have a brief summary included with the illustration. (10 pts.)

______ Complete a Venn Diagram with a partner. Compare the preamble of the United States to that of the Cherokee Nation. (This could then be discussed as a class) (15 pts.)

Web sites are:

______ Using a partner or group, act out a scene from the book. (10 pts.)

______ Explain the importance of the “Fairy Ring” either verbally to your teacher or in written form. (5 pts.)

______ Draw and illustrate a timeline using the events in the book. (10 pts.)

______ Make flash cards of 10 new vocabulary words from the book. Put the word on one side and the definition on the other side. You’ll earn 1 point of each word + definition that you know. (10 pts.)

______ Write a persuasive paragraph persuading someone to read the book. (5 pts.)

______ Write down 10 personality traits that Grandpa shows in the book. (10 pts.)

Section 2 - Earn a grade of “B” or “A” - Choose one assignment to earn a “B” or two to earn an “A.”

______ Explore five sites on the internet that talk about the Cherokee Nation. Write a minimum of 15 sentences summarizing each site. (15 pts.)

______ Draw a map showing where the different areas of the book are and the events that happened there. (15 pts.)

______ Write a song about something found in the book. Have the Teacher approve it. This can be done as an individual or as a group. put it to music and be prepared to perform it for the class. (15 pts.)

______ Write step by step instructions on how you would catch the Monkeys. Be very specific. Illustrate your plan, give a list of needed materials, and written directions. (15 pts.)

______ Design a game with the focus being on catching the Monkeys. Make a game board, playing pieces, and written directions. (15 pts.)

______ Watch the movie of “Summer of the Monkeys.” After watching the movie, compare and contrast the book with the movie. Tell in “Thick” descriptions which one you like the best and why. Write it from the perspective of a “movie” or “book” critic. Imagine that you will putting it in the local newspaper for all to read. (15 Pts.)

90 - 100 = A 80 - 89 = B 70 - 79 = C 55 - 69 = D <55 = F