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Ice Hockey

High School 9-12

Martha Verde

C Level (70 points)

Attend the lecture 5 points each day ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

Make a list of the different positions and what each person does 5pts_____

Find an article about a hockey game in the Sports section, read it and write about what happened. 5pts_____

Watch the clip from the high school hockey game. Write about what happened and who was playing. 5pts_____

Using the Internet find and describe the penalties a player can be given during a hockey game. 5pts_____

Read a book from the library about famous hockey players. Write a one page biography on the one that most interests you. 10pts____

Draw an ice rink and include and label the lines, circles, and goals necessary to play a hockey game. 10pts____

Attend a high school hockey game and report who was playing, who scored, who got penalties, and who won the game. 10pts____

Read magazine article about youth hockey and write a summary 5pts_____

View videotape on the strategies of hockey. Write about the one that you find the most interesting. 10pts____

Make a collage of the hockey teams found in the NHL or in our schoolís division. Use pictures from several sources such as Internet, magazines, or your own photos. 10pts____

Read an autobiography about a women hockey player. Write about her experiences entering a sport that was mainly dominated by men. 10pts____

Play a hockey video game and write about your experience. 5pts_____

B Level (15 Points) Choose one activity

Interview a high school hockey player. Write about this personís most memorable experiences and how they learned about the game of hockey. Make sure to include the terms and information from the lectures.

Go to open ice session or the gym with at least 5 other people and try out the game of hockey. You will need to gather the necessary equipment. As a group you will write a news report about what happened and how the game was played. You will present this to the class.

Compare hockey with another sport. Make a list of the similarities and differences in equipment needed, cost, amount of players, length of game, rules, how the game is played, and how much professional players in this sport make on average. Your report should be at least 3 typed pages.

A Level (15 Points) Choose one activity

Do professional athletes get paid too much?

At what age should young people be allowed to enter the world of professional sports?

What are the benefits or disadvantages of playing sports during school?