Igneous Rocks (9th Grade)
designed by:
Zazil Boyle


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Section I : C 65 points

1.      Flash cards: create flash cards using the following words-Intrusive Extrusive, Hypabyssal, basaltic, composition, Igneous, Texture, 10 pts

2.      Listen to each lesson and take notes 25 pts

Igneous rocks (5 points)

How are igneous rocks formed? (5 points)

Types of Igneous rocks. (5 points)

Intrusive Igneous rocks. (5points)

Extrusive Igneous rocks. (5 points)

3.      Read text book chapter 7 Igneous rocks and complete study guide 10 pts


4.      Video: What are Igneous Rocks?: Watch the video and write a summary 10 pts

of the video.

5.      Art Poster: My Favorite Igneous Rock: create poster of your favorite 10 pts.

Igneous rock. Include pictures, information, details of formation and structure.

6.      Presentation: Make a poster board about the different igneous rocks with 10 pts.

detail and present it to the class orally. (include pictures, details)

7.      Lab Practical: Igneous rock identification (1-10) Identify which rock is an 20pts. igneous and complete answer key worksheet. (10 pts.)

Lab Practical: Igneous rock identification (11-20) Identify what type of

igneous rock it is and complete answer key worksheet. (10 pts.)

8.      Write a paragraph on one of the ways igneous rocks are formed in a language 10 pts.

other than English.

9.      Worksheets: Rocks Multiple Choice and Rocks Matching. Complete the two 10 pts.


10.  Web site activity: Go online and find an article on igneous rocks. Write a 10 pts.

summary of the article.


Section II: B Layer Labs Choose only one 15 points

1.      Research Project: identify an engineering design (bridge, tunnel or building) and research some of the issues its engineers would have needed to know about the rocks underlying the structure. Write a report describing the structure, the rock formations under it, and the any risks to the environment from the development of the structure.

2.      Decide on three igneous rocks you would like to learn more about. Diagram how each of the three igneous rocks forms.

3.      Diagram the rock cycle. Explain what the diagram shows.

4.      How are intrusive and extrusive rocks different?




Section III: A Layer Choose only one 20 points

1.      What are igneous rocks used for? Are they used in your home, materials, buildings etc.?

2.      How are igneous rocks a value to the scientist?

3.      Where in Texas can you find igneous rock? Name the type of igneous rock it is.



40-55= D 56-70= C 71-85= B 86+ = A



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