Graphing Unit

by Jada Jackson

 Johnson Park Middle School

Columbus, OH

Unit Topic:             Graphing                                                                                                                                                                               Name:

Unit Objectives:   Read, create, and interpret box-and-whisker plots, stem-and-leaf plots, and other types of graphs

Analyze a set of data by using and comparing combinations of measures of center and measures of spread

C Level/Part 1- 65 pts
B Level/Part 2 - 15pts

A Level/Part 3 - 15pts
Create flash cards with the following terms: mean, median, mode, range, quartile, stem-and-leaf plots, box-and-whisker plots, stems, leaves, upper quartile, lower quartile, lower extreme, upper extreme, outliers, histograms, intervals (15 pts.)

¨   Textbook (starting # for each page given-do at least 5): p. 103, #1; p. 104, #21; p. 118, #1; p. 119, #14; p. 125-126, #1, p. 127, #17 (15 pts.)

¨   Make a poster showing the steps to create a box-and-whisker plot (15 pts.)
¨   Create a crossword puzzle using 10 of the unit’s vocabulary terms and definitions (10 pts.)

¨   Make a Power Point presentation that teaches the differences between a stem-and-leaf plot and a box-and-whisker plot (15 pts.)

¨   Make a poster demonstrating how to create a histogram. Include what can be learned from a histogram that cannot be learned from a stem-and-leaf plot (15 pts.)
¨   Daily QQF Work (10 pts.)

¨   Listen to lecture/take notes (optional-partial credit available) (10 pts.)

  Choose one activity. Each activity is worth 15 points. You may work with a partner.

¨       Can It Be? Lab Activity

¨       Heights of Students in Our Class Lab Activity

¨       Long Distance Airplanes Activity




Grading Scale (100 possible)

A          86-100

B          71-85

C         60-70

D          50-59



C Level/Part 1          ________      

B Level/Part 2           ________

A Level/Part 3          ________

Bonus Points              ________
Choose one question to answer. Find 3 sources on your topic. Cite and summarize each source. Write two paragraphs to support your opinion.

¨       What is the best way to display data?

¨       Why is it important to learn how to display data?


BONUS POINTS:   _________

DATE: ________________