Grand Ole USA - Southern Region

Jaime Stuart

Lebanon Elementary School
4/5 Looping Teacher


Choose 50 points in this section before moving on to the next level. 

___ Complete a map of the southern region. For each state label: the capital, and 2 other cities.               

         (10 points)  ___ /___

___ Make a mini poster with 3-4 of each states’ major products and 3-4 major industries. Make sure

         your map has a title and key. ( 10 points) ___ /___

___ Make a list of 3-5 famous people from each state. Tell why they are famous, and what city or

          town he/she is from. ( 10 points)  ___ /___

___ Make a mini book of 2-3 tourist attractions in each state. Write 2-3  ( 10 points)  ___ /___

___ Print or draw the state flower of each state and make a poster. Be able to tell Mrs. Stuart the

         name of each flower without looking.  ( 10 points)  ___ /___

___ Find the state bird for each state. Print  or draw a picture and make a collage. Be able to tell Mrs. 

         Stuart the name of each bird without looking.( 10 points)  ___ /___

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___ Make a list of the states’ populations in order from greatest to least.( 5 points)  ___ /___

___ Make a states and capitals quiz with an answer sheet. Have another student complete it, then

         grade it. ( 10 points)  ___ /___

___Complete a student made states and capitals quiz. ( 5 points)  ___ /___

___ Make states and capitals flash cards. Study them. Be prepared: If given the state, you need to

         know the capital. If given the capital you need to know the state.  Ask Mrs. Stuart to quiz you.

         ( 10 points)  ___ /___

___ List the square miles of each state in order from least to greatest. ( 5 points )  ___ /___

___ Take Mrs. Stuart’s south region states and capitals quiz. ( 10 points )   ___ / ___

___ Make a statehood time line. Include the state name, the state capital, and the exact date it was 

         admitted to the Union.  For example: Kentucky became a state on June 1, 1792. The capital

         of Kentucky is Frankfort. ( 10 points )   ___ / ___


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Choose 2 activities in this section for a total of 40 points, before moving on to the next level. Each activity is worth 20 points.

___ Using  friendly letter format write to Mrs. Stuart. In your letter tell her about the southern

         region. Why should she visit? What should she stop and see along the way?  

         What are some interesting facts about the region?  Be as detailed and specific as possible.

___ Create a travel poster for each state. Make us want to visit. Use lots of details and color.                                    

         Include tourist attractions, and yummy food (specific to each state) that can’t be missed.

         For example if your poster is about Maine you may want to include Acadia National Park

         and lobster or potatoes.

___ Find an online newspaper or magazine article about each state in the region. Cut out the articles,         

         write a brief summary about each one. Make a book. Be sure the book has an eye catching cover.

___ Complete a Mystery State quiz for each state.

___ Create a game all about the south.  Include directions and all necessary game pieces. Play your

          game with Mrs. Stuart.

___ Make a recipe book of southern food. Try to find at least one recipe specific to each state in the

         southern region.  Make sure to include a picture, where you found the recipe, and who created

         the dish first (if possible).  Put all your recipes into a cook book, bind the pages, and create an

         interesting cover and title.

___ The south is FULL of ghost stories. Research 2-3 of ghost stories from each state. Make a

         poster about the most believable ones. Be prepared to defend your selections. What is the history

         behind each story? Why do you believe it? Write a small summary for each story and include it

         on your poster.

___ Make a slide show about animals native to the southern region. Use one slide for each state. On

         each slide include: state name, 1-2 animals, 2-3 facts about each animal, and a picture of each

         animal. Be prepared to present and tell about each animal without looking at your slides.

___ Make a trading card for each state in the region. Include a mini map with the state name and          

         capital, a mini state flag, state bird, state flower, a tourist attraction, and one famous person.  ___ Complete a place mat for each of the southern states. See Mrs. Stuart for the blank copies.


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Choose one activity from this section to reach the exemplary level.

___ Write a short story about each state. The genre is your choice, but any state information included                       

         MUST be accurate.

___ Write a song about the states in the southern region. Use Garage Band and include music.

___ Write a poem about each state. Illustrate each poem using drawn or printed pictures. Make a


___ Create a journal about an imaginary trip you took though the south. Tell about the  

         route you took, the places you visited, what cities or town you stopped in each night, how many

         miles you traveled each day, anything unique you saw in each state. Include pictures or drawings

         to make each entry more realistic.

___ Create a Mystery State Quiz for each state in the region. Have 5 classmates take each Mystery

         State Quiz you created. Then ask your classmates for 2 stars (positive comments), and a wish

         (constructive/helpful comments) about each quiz. Make any improvements you think you need,

         based on your friends input. Then see if you can trick Mrs. Stuart with your revised Mystery


___ Create a slide show about the states in the southern region. Use important information you think

         every child should know about each state. Present your slide show to a second or third grade

         class. Include pictures, sound, and unique slide transitions. Practice and schedule your

         presentation with Mrs. Stuart.

___ Find an old southern recipe. Make that dish for the class. Be prepared to tell us how you did it

         why you chose that recipe, and where the  recipe originated.

___ Many great singers and song writers came from the south, and many types of music began there.

         Do some research and find out all you can about the singers, song writers, musicians and music 

         of the south. Make a documentary CD. Include one person, or song style from each state. Provide

         us examples of the music. Use iTunes or the iPad to download songs and make us a CD. Record

         your information and music on the CD and play it for the class. Be prepared for TONS of


___ Compare the Southern Region to the Northeast Region. Complete a Venn diagram that tells how

         the regions are alike, and how they are different. Make your Venn diagram unique by using color,

         pictures, and specific information/details about each region. Then create a web page for our class

         web site that highlights the information from your Venn diagram. Tell the readers which region

         you would prefer to live in and why. Do a rough draft of your site first, then have Mrs. Stuart do

         an edit. When everything is edited and ready, Mrs. Stuart will give you access to the web site so

         you can publish your work. (A Venn diagram can be done using Pages.)