Verb Layered Curriculum - Scoring Guide

Janice Martin

Language Arts

Name: ____________________________                                      ____/12   Task:  

Qualities to be evaluated (27-25 points = 12 points, 24-22 points = 11, 21 or 20 points = 10, and 19 and under will need to be redone) 3 Points Excellent 2 Points Good 1 Point Adequate
Focus of the task      
Clarity (and appropriateness) of the words and images used      
Knowledge of the Subject      
Fully developed idea/concept is present in the task      
Specific, relevant details      
Logical flow, from beginning to end of task      
Worked well with group or independently to complete the task      
Language Use:      
Appropriate and effective use of targeted language elements      
Commendations (what you did well):      
Recommendations (things to work on):      

______/27       equals ____/12 for the task                                                                     Task needs to be redone_____