A History of Us
Book 6 Chapter 11-14

Jayne Perkins
Eric L Knowlton School
Berwick, Maine

Partially Meets Layer:  You must complete 50  points worth of activities to move on to the Meets Layer. 

*Read with Mrs. Perkins (5 points) ______/______ 

*Read independently (5 points) ______/______ 

*Choose 10 words you do not know, complete worksheet 1 for each word, be prepared to have me choose several and quiz you (10 points) _____/_____ 

*Using my handout for outlines, write an outline for each chapter (20 points)____/_____ 

*Design a cover for each chapter, be sure it shows the subject of each chapter (10 points) ____/_____ 

*Create a body biography of an important person found in chapters 11-18 (10 points)____/____

      (draw an outline of your character’s body, in the middle of the body write at least   10 facts about the character, you may decorate your character) 

*Make a black and white help wanted poster to find the ideal general to lead either the Union or the Confederate army. Be sure to consider if the following are important qualities to include: knowledge of military tactics, can inspire men, organized, fearless, brave. (5 points)_____/_____ 

*Complete the map worksheet, include the following: label all states, color the Union States light blue, color the border states red, color the Confederate States gray, include a colored key. (10 points) _____/_____ 

*Draw a map of the border states and explain President Lincoln’s reason for allowing them to continue to have slaves. (10 points) ____/____ 

*Draw the Union flag and the Confederate flag. (5 points) _____/_____ 

Meets Layer (choose 1, up to 20 points total)  

*Read the documents; The Emancipation Proclamation and The Declaration of Independence then complete the Written Document Analysis Worksheet for both. _____/_____ 

*Research battle dress and gear for either a Union or Confederate soldier, then create the dress and gear (life size or a model), you can use cloth and any other material you find important._____/_____ 

*Create a diary of a Union or Confederate soldier describing in 3 to 4 separate entries your experiences as a soldier during a battle. Diary should be historically accurate. Include important dates, people and accurate information. _____/_____ 

EXCEEDS  (30 points) 

*Pretend you are a slave owner in the south with 9  slaves and you will be drafted unless you own 10 slaves, what do you do and why? Pretend you are a poor farmer and you are offered the opportunity to fight for $300 to take the place of someone else. What do you do and why?_____/_____ 

*Choose one major event from the chapters and create a board game about the event._____/_____ 

*Research battle photographs from Fort Sumter or Bull Run. Use the Library of Congress’s American Memory Collection website (http://rs6.loc.gov/ammem/index.html). Chose several of these photos to analyze and create a keynote or slideshow presentation about the battle. Include the photos and your analysis of each photo. _____/_____