Jayne Perkins

Eric L Knowlton School

Berwick, Maine 

Book 6 Chapters 19-24

Layered Curriculum Unit 

Partially Meets Layer:  You must complete 50  points worth of activities to move on to the Meets Layer. 

*Read with Mrs. Perkins (5 points) ______/______ 

*Read independently (5 points) ______/______ 

*Make flash cards for 10 new words, learn them and be prepared to have me choose several and quiz you (10 points) _____/_____ 

*Using my handout for outlines, write an outline for each chapter (20 points)____/_____ 

*Design a cover for each chapter, be sure it shows the subject of each chapter (10 points) _____/____ 

*In a well written paragraph, explain the first battle between the Monitor and the Virginia (also known as the Merrimack). Include the importance of this battle.. (10 points) ___/___ 

*Draw a picture of the Angel of the Battlefield and include 10 important facts. (5 points) ___/___ 

*Explain the Emancipation Proclamation in a well written paragraph, include the affects it had on slavery in the South and slavery in the Border States. (5 points) ___/___ 

*Answer the following questions: (2 points a piece) ___/___

^Explain the term prejudice and the role it played in the Civil War.

^Why did Union officers call the blacks who wanted to be soldiers contraband?

^Using worksheet pg 12 make a model of the Monitor, add color, neatness counts.

^Who was Robert Gould Shaw?

^Explain why Antietam was both a great victory and a missed opportunity for the Union.

^Why was the siege of Vicksburg such an important victory for the North? 

*In a well written paragraph explain the following statement: In giving freedom to the slave, we assure freedom to the free. (5 points)___/___ 

*Look at the political cartoon on page 100, write a paragraph explaining the cartoon. (5 points) ___/___ 

Meets Layer (choose 1, up to 20 points total) 

*Build a replica of an ironclad, be able to explain the importance of ironclads during the Civil War. 

*Read the documents; The Emancipation Proclamation and The Declaration of Independence then complete the Written Document Analysis Worksheet for both. _____/_____ 

*Create a trading card for 5 of the following people  Frederick Douglas, Robert E. Lee, George Pickett, Robert Gould Shaw, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Sergeant William Carney, Captain Raphael Semmes, Mary Chesnut, David Farragut. Be sure to set up like a real trading card, include at least 8 facts and a photo.___/___ 

*Design a care package from home using the guidelines found on worksheet page 27.___/___ 

Exceeds Layer (Choose 1, up to 30 points) 

*Re-write the Gettysburg address in your own words, memorize and recite it to me, it must be 3 minutes in length. Be sure it gives the same message, it may be about a current or past issue___/___ 

*Research the 54th Massachusettes, create a picture book. 

*Write a research paper on the Battle of Gettysburg. 

*Create a historically accurate battlefield replica of The Battle at Gettysburg. 

*Write an interview with Robert E Lee after Gettysburg. 

*Draw a visual timeline of an important battle of the Civl War.