Jayne Perkins

Eric L Knowlton School

Berwick, Maine

Book 6 Chapter 15-18

Layered Curriculum Unit

Partially Meets Layer:  You must complete 50  points worth of activities to move on to the Meets Layer. 

*Read with Mrs. Perkins (5 points) ______/______ 

*Read independently (5 points) ______/______ 

*Choose 10 words you do not know, complete worksheet 1 for each word, be prepared to have me choose several and quiz you (10 points) _____/_____ 

*Using my handout for outlines, write an outline for each chapter (20 points)____/_____ 

*Design a cover for each chapter, be sure it shows the subject of each chapter (10 points) ____/_____ 

*Write a paragraph about the pros and cons of fighting for the Union and then a paragraph about the pros and cons of fighting for the Confederacy (5 points) _____/_____ 

*Explain McClellan’s campaign, Seven Days Battle, include a map showing his campaign. (10 points) ____/____ 

*Explain the new weapons available to the Civil War soldiers, include a list and an explanation on how they were used and the usefulness of each, include pictures. (10 points) ___/___ 

*Explain the following words found on page 77, “The people of the North had set out to do something no people had ever done before. They weren’t fighting or land. They weren’t fighting for riches. They were fighting to make other men, women, and children free.” (5 points) ___/___ 

*Answer the following questions (2 points a piece) ___/___

^Did the Confederate and Union soldiers hate each other? Why or why not?

^Explain the sentence, “It is easier to change laws than it is to change ideas and habits.”^

^Why was joining the army an exciting thing to do for young men?

^Explain the importance of the hot-air balloon during the Civil War?

^Explain the political cartoon on the bottom of page 90. 

*Describe the events in Chancellorsvile, Virginia. (5 points) ___/___ 

Meets Layer (choose 1, up to 20 points total)

*Research food of the Civil war, include recipes and pictures and a paragraph explaining the importance of each recipes. Next using only available supplies of the era create your own recipe and try it out._____/_____ 

*In a well written essay (4 paragraphs) explain the famous quote; “A rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight.”  ___/___ 

*Research Drummer Boys of the Civil war and write an essay (4 paragraphs). ___/___ 

*Create a trading card for 5  of the following people: Johnny Clem, Stonewall Jackson, General Winfield Scott Hancock, Willie Lincoln, Tad Lincoln, Robert Lincoln, George B McClellan, David Farragut, General U.S. Grant, General J.E.B. Stuart, George Pickett. Be sure to set them up like a real trading card, include at least 8 facts and a photo. ___/___ 

Exceeds Layer: (30 points) 

*Choose an important event in the chapters and create a puppet show, be sure to write a script. ___/___ 

*Use your computer to watch the DVD A Volunteer Military or a Draft? After viewing answer the following questions:

      Does every able-bodied male have a responsibility to defend the country? What about women?

      If America had a draft system, would that have changed any of the decisions America made about military action after the terrorist attacks against America on 9/11?

      Does a draft make it harder or easier to go to war? Why?___/___ 

*Use your computer to watch the DVD A Volunteer Military or a Draft? After viewing choose one of the following to do:

      Create a scene for a play about a heated discussion between two imaginary 19 year olds in a coffee shop, one of whom is arguing strongly in support of a draft army and another who argues just as strongly for an all volunteer army. Perform the scene for the class.___/___

      Find and interview one person who has served in the American military. Describe their views on such questions as these: Why did you join? Was military service what you expected? Do you think military service made you a better person and citizen, or worse? Do you believe America should bring back the draft system, or keep the current all-volunteer system? Why? ___/___ 

*Make a paper scrapbook a soldier or a family member would have made. Include historically accurate dates and facts. You may use a few photos from the internet but the majority needs to be done by hand. ___/___ 

*1. Pretend you are a slave owner in the south with 19  slaves and you will be drafted unless you own 20 slaves, what do you do and why? 2. Pretend you are a poor farmer and you are offered the opportunity to fight for $300 to take the place of someone else. What do you do and why?_____/_____