Jayne Perkins

Eric L Knowlton School

Berwick, Maine 

Book 6 Chapters 25-31

Layered Curriculum Unit

Partially Meets Layer:  You must complete 50  points worth of activities to move on to the Meets Layer. 

*Read with Mrs. Perkins (5 points) ______/______ 

*Read independently (5 points) ______/______ 

*Using my handout for outlines, write an outline for each chapter (20 points)____/_____ 

*Design a cover for each chapter, be sure it shows the subject of each chapter (10 points) _____/____ 

*Make a collage using at least four important people from the chapters as your subject, you must be able to explain each picture. Include 4 facts for each person (use pictures from the internet, magazines or your own drawings) (5 points)___/___ 

*Answer the following questions (2 points each)

      *What purpose does President Lincoln believe the war served?

      *Name two reasons why Richmond was so important to the Confederates.

       *Explain “Total War”,  include the General who believed it would work

      *Why did the Confederates troops set fire to supplies in Richmond?

      *Why is Appomatox Court House important?

      *Why did President Abraham Lincoln start reconstruction plans before the war ended?

      *What happened to Lee’s sword? Would you have done the same thing, why or why   not?

*Explain the 13th Amendment, 14th Amendment, 15th Amendment. (5 points) __/__ 

*Write a paragraph explaining Sherman’s march to the sea, include a map of his route and a key to show major destruction he caused along his way.  (10 points) ___/___ 

*Locate a photograph of a Civil War scene and print it or save it, free write your thoughts, feelings and associations inspired by the picture, write at least 2 paragraphs. (5 points) ___/___ 

*Create a keynote sharing 10 interesting little-known facts relating to the Civil War, cite your sources. (5 points) ___/___ 

*Make a collage all about the Civil War, from start to end. (10 points) ___/___ 

Meets Layer (choose 1, up to 20 points total)

*Write a journal entry from the view of a bystander at the signing of the surrender of Lee at Appomattox , it must be 75-100 words long. ___/___ 

*Write a poem that a Civil War soldier might have written after hearing that the war was over. Poem must be 12 lines in length. May be rhyming or free-verse.___/___ 

*Write and perform a play depicting Lee’s surrender at Apomattox. ___/___ 

*Write an essay explaining what the United States would be like if President Lincoln had never  

*Compare and contrast General Robert E. Lee and General Ulysses S Grant. ____/____ 

*Draw a historical map depicting major battles of the Civil War, include dates and who won the battle. ___/___

*Prepare an “on the street”  interview of a common person living during the Civil War Era. Ask his/her opinions about the following: casualties and medical care, draft laws, economic effects, women at war, relations between the North and South. Be sure to cite your sources, opinions must be based on fact, you may perform the interview with another person. ___/___ 

*Create a coloring book of major people of the Civil War. Each page should tell who it is and why he/she was important to the Civil War. Create 8 or more pages.___/___ 

*Prepare facts sheets on medical care for soldiers during the Civil War. Include information on battle field hospitals; diseases such as malaria, dysentery, and typhoid; and people who nursed the wounded, such as Clara Barton, Sojourner Truth, Sally Louisa Tompkins and Dorothea Dix 

Exceeds Layer (choose 1, up to 30 points) 

*Research popular music in the North and South during the Civil War. First review songs popular at the start of the war (Battle Hymn of the Republic, Dixie, etc). Then find songs that were sung later and detect mood changes reflecting the progress of the war and its horror. Use your findings to present a program on moods reflected in music of the era, have clips of the music or lyrics to share. Cite your sources. ___/___ 

*Create a model of a battle of the Civil War. Characters should be identified; movements in the battle should be shown (by arrows, etc). Explain the battle and its outcome(s) verbally or on paper. Include who led each side, location of battle, number of soldiers fighting, number of casualties and injured for each side, and winning side. Also, include what significance this battle had on the outcome of the Civil War. You may use plastic figures, create clay one or draw it out. You may also use a computer to aid your work. Cite your sources. ___/___ 

*Create a keynote containing the Northern Strategic Plans; Blockade Southern Ports, Seize Control of the Mississippi River, Capture Richmond. Include introductory slide (title and author), 3-5 slides for each topic and 3-5 pictures for each topic. Your last slide  should be a bibliography. Be sure to cite your sources. __/___ 

*Create a mural depicting the major events of the Civl War. ___/___ 

*Create a diorama exhibit about the life of one of the following during the Civil War era: African American slave, an army chaplain, an army nurse, a prisoner of war, a union general, a war photographer or a woman on the homefront. Exhibit should include an activity, artifacts and written description. ___/___