Social Studies Book Five, Chapters 33 - 38

Jayne Perkins
Eric L Knowlton School
6th grade

Partially Meets Layer: You must complete 50 points worth of activities to

move on to the Meets Layer. 

*Listen to the lecture/reading everyday with Mrs. Perkins (5 points) ___/_____ 

*Read independently (5 points) ____/____ 

*Make flash cards for 20 new words, learn them and be prepared to have me choose several and quiz you (10 points)____________/__________ 

*Write a flash card summary after each chapter (20 points)_______/______

      (Write a summary after each chapter on a flash card) 

*Design a  cover for each chapter, be sure it shows the subject of each chapter (10 points)_____/_________ 

*Make a collage using important people from the chapters as your subject (10 points)_________/________

      (use pictures from the internet, magazines or your own drawings) 

*Was John Brown a hero or a murderer? Defend you position in a well written paragraph (5 points)_________/___________ 

*Create a body biography of a character found in book five, chapter 33-38(10 points) ____/____

      (draw an outline of your character’s body, in the middle of the body write at least 10 facts about the character, you may decorate the drawing) 

Total points earned____________/_____________ 

Meets Layer (Choose 2, 20 points total) 

*Explain the Dred Scott decision by reporting on it in a newspaper article, one supporting him and one against him_____/________ 

*Using your own words explain the Compromise of 1850, include the author _____/____ 

*Draw a map plotting the Craft's journey, write a detailed summary, include the importance of their journey______/______ 

*Look at the Sale of Slaves and Stock paper on page 190 to answer the following four questions:

1. What do you think was the average life expectancy of slaves on a Georgia plantation in 1852?    2. What was their life like on a plantation and did this have anything to do with their life expectancy?   3.Which slaves were valued more and which were not valued at all? Explain  

4. Would you choose to be a domestic slave or a field slave, why?_____/_____ 

*Write an essay answering the following question: Should we learn about slavery in school, why or why not?_____/_____ 

Total points earned____________/_____________

Exceeds Layer (choose 1, 30 points)

*Find three websites about the Underground Railroad, complete worksheet page 85___/____________ 

*Draw a political cartoon _________/_________ 

*Research different slave ships such as the Lord Ligonier or the Tecora; write a one page essay about what is was like to travel on the ship as a slave. Be sure to focus both on natural, weather-related hazards and on the cruel conditions imposed by the slave owners._________/_________ 

*Find an example of slavery today, compare and contrast with American Slavery of the 1800’s_________/____________ 

*Compare two important people you read about, write how they are similar and how they are different, include their accomplishments, what they believed and how they changed their community.________/________ 

*Write a detailed essay predicting what the United States would be like today if slavery still existed._____/_____ 

*Write an essay stating your recommendation on how the United States could have stopped s

Total points earned____________/_____________ 

PM Layer total points earned ___________________

M Layer total points earned _____________________

E Layer total points earned _____________________

Total points for unit/grade    ____________________