Jayne Perkins

Eric L Knowlton School

Berwick, Maine

Sixth Grade Science Unit 

Solar Energy Layered Curriculum Unit 

Partially Meets Layer: You must complete 50 points in the PM layer. 

Using the vocab handout make a set of your own flash cards, be ready to have me choose several and quiz you. (5 points) _____/_____ 

Make a poster using all the words in some way. (5 points) ____/____ 

List the Effects of Heat: Make a list of 10 words that describe what heat does to materials then explain each word. ex: scorch (5)  ___/___ 

List Luminous and Nonluminous Light Sources: Make a list of 10 objects that produce light and another list of 10 objects that reflect light.(5) ___/___ 

Choose two of the following Math Extensions (5) ___/___

Math Extension-Problem of the Week page 31

Math Extension-Problem of the Week page 33

Math Extension-Problem of the Week page 35

Math Extension-Problem of the Week page 36 

Home/School Connection worksheet page 37, How many sun-days do you use? (5) ___/___ 

Home/School Connection worksheet page 38, Solar Water Heaters (5) ___/___ 

Choose two Hot Discussion Topics, read then the answer questions.(5) ___/___ 

Answer the following questions (2 points each) ___/___

*How can you use what you know about solar energy to make a home that stays cool in  the desert?

*How is solar energy used in your community?

*What are some house designs used in other cultures that use solar heating and/or  insulations?

*How would people have to change their homes and lives if solar energy were the only  source of energy?

*Find out what an analemma is and how it works.

*Find out what photochemical solar energy is and how it is used. 

Response Sheet- Solar Houses Investigation 4 worksheet 22 (5) ___/___ 

Draw a detailed picture of a modern solar home, label your drawing, describe all the special solar features in your home. (10) ___/___ 

Using the following website play the Energy Heats Games

http://www.powersleuth.org/energy-heats/games    (5) ___/___ 

Using the following website watch the Energy Heats Maine videos

 http://www.powersleuth.org/energy-heats/videos     (5) ___/___ 

Visit either of the following websites to discover energy careers, read two articles and complete an outline, then find a career which interests you and write a paragraph describing that career.



After researching each word, 1-26, write the dictionary definition then write your own definition . (10) ___/___

  1. Work
  2. Joule
  3. Power
  4. Watt
  5. Horsepower
  6. Energy
  7. Kinetic energy
  8. Potential energy
  9. Gravitational potential energy
  10. Elastic potential energy
  11. Mechanical energy
  12. Thermal energy
  13. Chemical energy
  14. Electrical energy
  15. Electromagnetic energy
  16. Nuclear energy
  17. Energy conversion
  18. Nonrenewable energy resources
  19. Fossil fuels
  20. Renewable energy resources
  21. Hydroelectric energy
  22. Solar energy
  23. Geothermal energy
  24. Biomass energy
  25. Hydrogen fuel cell
  26. Energy conservation

Meets Layer: 20 points 

Research the sun in history: Find out more about how observations and knowledge of the Sun figure in ancient myths and legends in different cultures. Some starting places are Stonehenge, the Mayan culture and ancient Egypt. You can make a slide show or write a report.  

Create a poster showing instructions for a solar water heater: Write and illustrate a step-by-step plan for making a solar water heater for use at school or home.  

Write to a TV meteorologist: Write a letter to a local TV meteorologist and find out how the daily air temperatures are determined? Come up with a list of questions for the weather expert about air, land, and water temperatures and how they contribute to local weather. 

Hot-Air Challenges: Investigation 4 worksheet 23, complete all four challenges. 

Write a letter to your children’s grandchildren explaining to them how you used the available renewable resources throughout your lifetime and how you could have improved the respect you had for Earth when you were growing up.   

Exceeds Layer: 30 points 

Using photoelectric cells design a solar-powered device that really works. 

Find out about Eratosthenes: Research who Eratosthenes was, find out how Eratosthenes measured Earth and what effect his calculations could have had on Christopher Columbus’s voyage to the Americas. 

Using the following website choose one activity to do at home and then bring in to school to demonstrate.   http://www.powersleuth.org/energy-heats/activities 

Assess the energy of the following objects by illustrating the types of energy in each object. A car driving, A car battery, An apple falling, A spring-loaded mouse trap

Next, Assess the energy of the following objects by stating at least two kinds of energy in each object. A car driving,  A car battery, An apple falling, A spring-loaded mouse trap