Unit 25 – The Roaring 20’s

Jimmy Barnes
Clinton Middle School
6th Grade Social Studies

Social Studies – American History

Name: ____________________________________  Test Date: ____________ 

C Layer: Choose 1 assignment for each objective. Due date: ________ 

Objective 1 (Section 1 Notes): Outline the reasons for economic prosperity in Post-WWI America. 

_____ Create a cause and effect chart regarding the prosperous economy RUBRIC 

_____ Make a commercial advertising a popular consumer good of the time, reasons they should buy it, and ways to be able to afford it RUBRIC 

Objective 2 (Section 2 Notes): Describe the new ways of life in the U.S. during the 1920’s. 

____ Textbook Page 685. 

____ In a t-chart, explain the affects of the automobile on the country. One side should describe what it was like before the automobile, and the other side with it. 

Objective 3 (Section 2 Notes): Explain the effects of Prohibition on the nation. 

_____ Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper in either support for or against Prohibition. Be sure to give the argument of both sides and explain why your side is better for the country. You must include how prohibition affected the lives of people during the 1920s. RUBRIC 

Objective 4 (Section 3 Notes): Recognize the cultural changes in the 1920’s. 

_____ You are to choose one of the following – a filmmaker, musician, writer, athlete, or someone else who greatly affected the culture of the 20’s at the teacher’s discretion – and write 2-3 paragraphs explaining what they did and why it was important and/or is still important today. 1 BONUS point for using someone that is not in the textbook. 

Objective 5 (Section 4 Notes): Understand the problems leading up to the Great Depression. 

_____ Write a letter to a friend describing at least 3 of the fears/problems going on the country. RUBRIC 

_____ Textbook Page 697, questions #6 and #7 

Objective 6 (All Sections): Students should know key terms and people from the 1920’s.  

_____ Ch. 25 Review – Do the sections “Define These Terms” & “Explore Main Ideas” 

_____ Flashcards RUBRIC 

_____ Create a list of 15 terms and people and explain the importance of each in 2-3 sentences 

_____ Complete Terms and People Quiz in OIS for Chapter 25 

B Layer: Complete the required assignment, then choose 1 assignment. Due: _____ 

_____ Participate in speakeasy activity *Required 

_____ With no more than one other person, prepare a speech, present a document, sing a song, or reenact a popular movie scene from this period. RUBRIC 

_____ Create a PowerPoint about 5 key people and/or events related to 1920’s RUBRIC 

_____ Answer the follow questions from the film The Roaring Twenties.  What did the movie include from the era that you know is true.  What was offered by the movie that was historically incorrect? Prepare to discuss with the teacher. 

A Layer: Choose 1 assignment. Due Date: _____

*All A Layer assignments (unless otherwise noted) should be 1 page in length, double-spaced, 12 pt. font size, in Times New Roman font, and MUST be turned in to OIS. 

_____ Choose one of the issues or events described in the chapter and draw a political cartoon expressing your own view about it. On the back, write 1-2 paragraphs explaining the cartoon and your viewpoint. 

_____ Do you agree or disagree that the minimum drinking age should be 21? Use evidence to back your opinion. 

_____ Why do you think we still have the problems today that society did when leading up to the Great Depression? (Section 4 Notes)