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Music Grade 4

Music and Emotion

Joan Johnson, Waxahachie, Texas

C Layer

1. Join in the discussion of music and colors. (5 points)

2. Choose a tape, listen on headphones, and draw as you listen. (5 points)

3. Make a poster matching 4 emotions to colors. (5 points)

4. Look at the copies of famous works of art. Tell how emotions are expressed. (5 points)

5. Join in the discussion of emotions and musical instruments. (5 points).

6. Choose 3 different emotions then match a musical instrument to each. (5 points)

7. Choose one emotion and find 3 different musical instruments to express it. (5 points)

8. Join in the discussion of music and poetry. (5 points)

9. Choose a poem and design sound effects using 3 different instruments. (5 points)

10. Choose an instrument and use it for the sound effects of 2 different poems. (5 points)

11. Join in the discussion of story telling and music. (5points)

12. Listen on headphones to a taped story. List emotions that are felt. (5 points)

13. With a partner make a list of times you notice music or sound effects in movies. (5 points)

B Layer (10 points)

Write a story and choose one of the following ways to present it to the class:

___you read it to the class

___put on a puppet show

___make a story board

Your presentation should use music in some way to show emotions in the story.

A Layer (10 points)

Choose one of the following:

___Is using music in a movie a good way to show emotion?

___Choose a famous artist and explain whether he/she does or does not show emotion well in his/her work.

Grade Scale:

To make a C: 35-45 points

To make a B: 46-55 points

To make an A: 56+ points