The Nature of Science

Joan Johnson and Kyla Dufrene, Waxahachie Jr. High, Texas

These units were developed with the Glencoe Texas Science book.

Name: Due Date: Your Score /150max

The Nature of Science (assignments with an "*" are REQUIRED and will be done as a class)

Day One: How Science Works

Do Two

*1. Listen to the lecture/take notes (5pts)

2. Reinforcement Worksheet, section 1 (5 pts)

3. Science Journal, p. 7 (5pts)

4. Foldable, p. 5 (5pts)

Day Two: Scientific Problem Solving

Do Two

*1. Listen to the lecture/take notes (5pts)

2. Vocabulary Flashcards ­ list on page 25 (10 pts)

3. Reinforcement Worksheet for Section 2 (5pts)

Day Three: Lab Equipment and Safety

Do Three

*1. Listen to the lecture/take notes (5pts)

*2. Label pictures of lab equipment (10pts)

*3. Worksheets Safety Skill #30-31 (5pts)

Days Four, Five, and Six: Metric Conversions and Measurements

*1. Listen to the lecture/take notes (5pts)

Do One

2. Section 21 Measurement Skills Worksheet (10 pts)

3. Section 22 Measurement Skills Worksheet (5 pts)

Do One

Conversion problems worksheet A (10pts)

Conversion problems worksheet B (10 pts)

Do One

6. Section 1, 2, & 3 Lab Tasks (10pts) Must have lab license.

7. Section 17, 18, & 19 Measurement Skills (5 pts)

Day Seven: B Layer Lab Activity

*1. M&M Count and Crunch (10 pts)

Day Eight: A Layer Activity

*1. Should the United States completely convert to the Metric system of measurement?

OR What are the positive and negative impacts of technology, and does the positive outweigh the negative? (Teacher/class choice) (15 pts)

Grade Scale: 80pts -89pts = C 90pts ­ 99pts = B 100pts-114pts = A

70 -79 = C 80-89 = B 90-100 = A