Jody Yates

Social Studies Teacher and School Technology Leader

Emerald High School

Greenwood, South Carolina 

CP Psychology

Chapter 5: Adulthood and Old Age. 

This is a layered curriculum unit on adulthood and old age. You have the ability to choose the grade you will receive on this unit. You will need to work in class and at home to complete the assignments. Good luck!! 

C Layer Maximum 60 points in this layer

(Assignments with an * are required) 

1. Define Chapter 5 vocabulary *     ________(10) 

2. Complete Guided Reading Activities: Ch 5 1-3 *   ________(20) 

3. Complete skill-builder activity: *     ________(5)

      a. Graphic Organizer: Changer that Occur in Old Age 

4. Reading Essentials Study Guide 5.1*    ________(5) 

5. Reading Essentials Study Guide 5.2 *    ________(5) 

6. Reading Essentials Study Guide 5.3 *    ________(5) 

Choose any TWO of the following: 

7. Make flash cards for the vocabulary terms.   ________(5) 

8. Make a crossword puzzle using the vocabulary terms.  ________(5) 

9. Complete the Self-Check quiz for Chapter 5 at at 80% or better    ________(5) 

10. Watch the Psychology video #18 called

      Maturing and Aging and write a half page summary.  ________(5)  

11. To complete the C-layer you must take a quiz and score at least 80% before moving to the B-layer. * 

Each “C” Layer activity is a daily grade. The completed unit is your test grade for this chapter.

Congratulations!! You are now moving onto higher-level thinking. To complete this unit at a B or A level, you will have a choice of activities to complete. 

B Layer Maximum 15 points in this layer 

Choose ONE of the following: 

12. Write a diary entry from the perspective of an elderly man ________(15)

       or woman. Be sure to describe your physical, emotional,

       and social condition.   

13. Create an illustrated timeline of major events in the chapter. ________(15) 

14. Draw a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting male

      and female development in adulthood.  

15. Write a letter to an AARP newspaper explaining why old ________(15)

       age is the “golden age” of a person’s life.

      (you must support position with evidence) 

A Layer Maximum 20 points in this layer 

A-layer work should reflect in-depth analysis and thought processes. When working at this level, critical thinking is necessary. 

Choose ONE of the following: 

15. Create an informational pamphlet entitled   _________(20)

     “Helping a Child Cope With Grief”. You may need

       to do some additional research.

      (Work with a partner if desired) 

16. Create a poem, rap, or song explaining why the elderly

      should be treated with respect and valued by our society. ________(20)


17. Write a story using all the vocabulary terms to explain the  ________(20)

      changes that take place in our lives from around age 20 to 80. 

18. Conduct a video or audio taped interview with an elderly ________(20)

       person. Find out about life events when they were growing

       up and how life has changed for them.   

You are almost there! The final assessment involves a   ________(20)

one-on-one interview with “moi” to determine what you

have learned in this chapter. ******* 

*** Attendance BONUS: No tardies, working on assignments  ________(5)

       in class, and present each day during unit.