Jody Yates

Social Studies Teacher and School Technology Leader

Emerald High School

Greenwood, South Carolina 

CP World History

Chapter 6: The Roman Empire 

Standard: GS1- The student will demonstrate an understanding of life in the Classical civilizations and the contributions that these civilizations have made to the modern world. 

C Layer Maximum 65 points in this layer

(Assignments with an * are required) 

1. Define Chapter 6 vocabulary (33) *    ________(10) 

2. Complete Reading Guides: Ch 6 1-5 in workbooks*  ________(20) 

3. Complete skill-builder packet: *     ________(10)

      a. Summarizing TR pg 32

      b. Cause and Effect Diagram: Mt. Vesuvius primary document TR pg 38

            * Question # 2 only 

4. Outline map: Extent of the Roman Empire *   ________(5)

      *Use page 153

      * label cities, capital, and bodies of water

      * shade areas included in Roman Empire 

5. Geography Application: Movement TR pgs. 33-34*  ________(5) 

6. Connecting Across Time and Culture: Hellenistic & Roman * ________(5)

      *TR pg 44 

Choose any TWO of the following: 

7. Make flash cards for the vocabulary terms.   ________(5) 

8. Make a crossword puzzle using the vocabulary terms.  ________(5) 

9. Create a poster illustrating Roman Architecture.   ________(5) 

10. Create a timeline illustrating the rise of Christianity.  ________(5)  

11. To complete the C-layer you must take a quiz and score at least 80% before moving to the B-layer. *

      See Mrs. Yates when you are ready!

Congratulations!! You are now moving onto higher-level thinking. To complete this unit at a B or A level, you will have a choice of activities to complete. 

B Layer Maximum 15 points in this layer 

Choose ONE of the following: 

12. Write a news story detailing the destruction of Carthage  ________(15)

       by the Romans.   

13. Create an illustrated timeline of major events in the chapter. ________(15) 

14. Draw a series of pictures illustrating daily life in   ________(15)

      Roman times.  

15. Write a letter to a Roman newspaper explaining why you ________(15)

      think the assassins of Julius Caesar were motivated by a

      desire for power. (must support position with evidence)   

A Layer Maximum 40 points in this layer 

A-layer work should reflect in-depth analysis and thought processes. When working at this level, critical thinking is necessary. 

Choose ONE of the following: 

15. Create a skit or puppet show illustrating the rise and fall  ________(20)

      of the Roman Empire. (Work with a partner if desired) 

16. Create a poem, rap, or song explaining the legacy of the  ________(20)

      Greco-Roman civilization. 

17. Write a story using all the vocabulary terms to explain the  ________(20)

      rise and fall of the ancient Roman civilization. 

You are almost there! The final assessment involves a   ________(20*)

one-on-one interview with “moi” to determine what you

have learned in the chapter.******* 

*** Attendance BONUS: No tardies, working on assignments  ________(5)

       in class, and present each day during unit.