Biomes & Ecosystems
Judy Murray
New Braunfels, TX.


100 points maximum Due Date________________

 Level C:  Choose up to 70 points.  You must earn 60 points before moving to section B. 

1. LISTEN and take lecture notes: 1 2 3 4 (5 pts/day)

2. Watch the video on Rainforests and take notes. 15 pts.

3. Watch the video on the Food Web and take notes. 15 pts.

4. Choose a country of ancestry or interest_________________.

5. Do up to 3 worksheets. 5 pts each.

6. Read Chap.  3 in your textbook. Answer the questions in Explaining Science pg. A104. 15pts

7. Read Chap 4 in your textbook. Be able to answer the Explaining Science questions on pg. 1 - 4. 15pts .

8.  Draw a world map on plain paper. Color code all the Biomes. Be able to explain it.  You will have to research to find the information. 10 pts.

9. List 10 animals found in the Texas Hill Country. Include at least 2 fish, 2 birds, and 2 mammals. List what they eat. 10 pts.

10. Draw a food chain or food web for any significant region of Texas. Include at least 8 animals. 10 pts.


Section II. B level 15 pts. Choose ONE only

1. Complete one of the experiments out of  Chapter 3 or 4.  Complete a lab sheet (you must follow the scientific process).

  1. Select a biome. Create a “Big Book” for a young child showing the climate, the animals, and plants for that biome.  Also include some adaptations that plants and animals have made for that biome. 
  2. Build a totem pole (no larger than a 4x4 square and 7 ft. tall) showing the plants and animals in a particular biome.  Explain to the class all the parts of your totem pole. 


Section III A level 20 pts.

  1. Research to find a scientist that in involved in the study of biomes.  What has his/her work shown?  What is being done as a result of their studies?  A two page written report is required.
  2. What is acid rain? What region(s) of the US is it affecting? What effect is it having on the flora and fauna?

3.        Take a position on global warming.  Is it affecting certain biomes?  Explain your position and give evidence supporting your position in a two page report.   

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