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Tuck Everlasting

Mrs. King / Fossil Ridge Intermediate

Students must complete each layer

Participate in class discussions

Participate in group work 

_______Level C: Choose the activities that you want to do for a total of 25 points. * Quality Work Only 

Assignment Possible Teacher Signature Earned
1. Find 10 words that are new to you. Write out the words, a definition and a drawing or symbol to help you remember the meaning of the word.  Use the context of the word from the book to help you. 10    
2. Using water paint, paint the scene that you see in your mind as you read the poem “The Circle Game” 5    
3. Complete a venn diagram comparing and contrasting two main characters in the story.  List at least six things in each category. 10    
4. Fill out a graphic organizer. This may be done twice. 5 ea.    

________Level B: Choose projects and complete for a max of 18 points  * Quality Work Only! 

Assignment Possible Teacher Signature Earned
1. Respond to any or all of the reader’s response prompts. 1/3 page each. 5 points each. 5 ea.    
2. Rewrite a section of the novel. Make significant changes to the plot.  Must be at least 3/4 typed page or 1 & 1/2 nicely hand written pages in length. 13    
3. Make flapjacks for breakfast and invite a close friend over to eat them with you. Try to discuss what it would be like to live forever. 13    
4. Survey 10 people to see how many would drink from this kind of spring if they had a chance. Graph your results on poster board. (Can you incorporate the age of each person ??? -this could provide additional interesting information) 13    
6. Fill out a graphic organizer using material from the middle to the end of the book. 5    

________Level A: Choose one assignment and complete for 12 points.  *Quality Work Only!  

Assignment Possible Teacher Signature Earned
    1. Create a board game designed to teach someone who hasn’t read Tuck Everlasting about the story.  Play it with at least one person.