Modern World History

Layered Curriculum Unit III: The Reformation
Kathleen Moylan
Worcester Technical HS, MA

UNIT DUE DATE: ______________________

Core Question Due Date:____________________

Unit Overview:

This unit will explore the changes that took place in Europe during the time of religious upheaval known as the Reformation

After completing this unit, you will be able to:


Core Question (must be answered in order to pass the C level): What is the legacy of the Reformation?

“C” Level: maximum 70 points

Please choose from the assignments below for a maximum of 70 points. No more than 2 C level assignments will be evaluated on the unit due date. Please refer to the general rubric sheet to determine how to fulfill the requirements for each assignment.


Take notes on class lectures: 5 points per lecture

“Here I Take my Stand” Martin Luther and the dawn of the Reformation___________

Predestination and John Calvin_________

She’s a Witch!________

The Catholic Reformation___________

Religious Wars_________ 

Mandatory Assignment:

Complete ONE OR MORE of the Primary source analysis exercises on the Renaissance and Reformation           5 points each exercise; 6 total 

Mandatory Assignment: Read one or more of the following historical documents, fill out the documents worksheet, and be prepared to answer questions about the document    10-15 points

“Justification by Faith”   Martin Luther

“On the Bondage of the Will”   Martin Luther

“Institutes of the Christian Religion”  John Calvin

“On the Bloody Tenet of Persecution” Roger Williams

“In Praise of Folly”    Erasmus

“In Defense of the Seven Sacraments” Henry VIII

“Indulgences”      Johann Tetzel

“The Jews and their Lies”   Martin Luther

Spiritual Exercises”    St. Ignatius Loyola

“The Thirty Nine Articles”   signed by Elizabeth I 

Complete the witchcraft activity packet, answering all questions. Be prepared to answer the following question:

Which elements of the Reformation caused witch trials to become more prevalent?  15 points 

Complete the Reformation chart—with a group or on your own. ALL CHARTS must include primary source quotes from each religion that highlight a major belief of that religion    20 points

Create a COLOR map that identifies the major religions of Europe at the height of the Reformation. Label all the major cities and countries of Europe, and be ready to answer the following questions as they relate to your map. Your map should include a key that clearly identifies each of the major religions  15 points 


With the class, view the film Anne of the Thousand Days and write out answers to the questions listed on the study guide            10 points 

Create a visual timeline highlighting TEN important moments in Reformation history. Choose your beginning and ending dates for the Reformation, and be prepared to defend each of your ten choices. Make sure that your choices correspond to the unit objectives. *Review visual art criteria to complete this assignment to standard              15 points 

Analyze Reformation woodcuts on the theme of corruption in the Catholic Church during the Reformation. Create your own “woodcut story” that highlights a church abuse from the Reformation period OR create a Catholic “woodcut story” in response to Protestant criticism. Woodcuts should be illustrations or paintings, and may have only one line of explanation beneath each scene; the subject should be evident from the art. 15 points 

Create a visual timeline highlighting TEN important moments in Reformation history. Choose your beginning and ending dates for the Reformation, and be prepared to defend each of your ten choices. Make sure that your choices correspond to the unit objectives. Present your timeline to the class.*review visual art and class presentation criteria to complete this assignment to standard     10 points

“B” Level: 15 points Please choose one of the following:


As a team, create a 3-5 minute skit in which you reenact parts of one of the following Reformation events:

      The Diet of Worms

      The debate between Johannes Eck and Martin Luther

      The Council of Trent

      A witch trial

ALL of the above skits must be based on primary sources, and must be historically accurate (with a slight allowance for humor!); see me if you’re having trouble locating sources. Use the oral presentation rubric 

Research the letters of the wives of Henry VIII. Write a 1-2-page letter to a family member as one of Henry’s wives. The letter should have specific details of time and place that make it specific to the person that you are portraying. The letter should convey your feelings about royal life, and should mention any religious issues that are relevant. 

Research the religious music composed by Martin Luther. Compare Luther’s music to Catholic music of the same time period—the 1500s and 1600s. How does the music of each faith illustrate some of the major ideas of the faith? Is this music still part of church life today? Explain

This must be completed as a class presentation, and must include audio samples of the music of each faith

(1 or 2 people per project) 

Research information on Anne Boleyn written by Chapuys, the Spanish ambassador to England.  In a 1-2 page paper, analyze Chapuys’ chronicle of Anne Boleyn, and its legacy. To do this, you must quote Chapuys and find other scholarship that refutes his assertions. Address the importance of understanding bias when reading primary sources. What effect did Chapuys’ letters have on modern misconceptions about Anne Boleyn? See me for sources. 

A level assignment: Please choose ONE of the following assignments or questions to complete. You must achieve the B level before handing in the A level *****Note: A and B level assignments may NOT be turned in on the same day: students who complete the essay must turn it in at least one day before their A level assignment 

Attend a Christian religious service that is not your own faith. Write a 1-2 page paper as an outside observer, in which you explain whether or not you recognized the legacy of the Reformation in the service. *** YOU must obtain parental permission to complete this assignment! A signed note is fine! See me for the rubric. 

Participate in a Socratic Seminar on the following article:

“The Legacy of the Reformation” by Stephen E. Ozment

Socratic Seminar scheduled for: _________________________________

Criteria for participation:

*Student absent on seminar day must see me for an additional article on the Reformation to compare and contrast the authors’ perspectives on the importance of the Reformation. See me for the rubric and the article 

Research the warfare methods and strategies used in the religious wars of the 1500s-1600s. Give a class presentation detailing ONE major battle of the religious wars and explain its outcome. How is Europe different TODAY as a result of this battle? This may be done as a class presentation or a 1-2 page paper. Class presentations MUST include visuals such as a power point or poster; use the rubrics! 

Research President Bush’s faith-based initiatives program.  Write a 5 paragraph persuasive essay in which you list three reasons why you support or reject the President’s desire to give aid to private religious organizations engaged in charity work. Be sure to refer to historical facts about the relationship between religion and government in order to support your answer. Use the persuasive essay rubric 

Compare and contrast the modern day concept of the Muslim “jihad” with the religious wars of the Reformation. In what ways are they similar? How do they differ? This may be a class presentation or a 1-2 page paper. See me for a good article on jihad. Use the compare and contrast rubric