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By Kathy Plunk

Twin Falls, Idaho

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller
C Layer. 70-79 points. Credit is earned for learning, which comes about through listening, discussion, reading, and/or doing. You will be verbally assessed for each activity you choose to complete. Points Possible Date and Points Earned
1. Read the play and ask to take a test on it. If you score less than 70%, you will need to complete additional activities below. Note: even if you score above an 80%, the maximum you can earn here is a 79%. 79
2. Complete Reading Guide Questions for each of the four acts in the play (up to15 points each). 60
3. As you read each act in the play, note 10 vocabulary words that are new or unfamiliar to you. For each word, locate 3 synonyms from the dictionary and/or thesaurus. Prepare a vocabulary test with the directions that for each group of synonyms, a student should choose the word that does not belong. Include an answer key. (Up to 10 points for words from each act in the play.) 40
4. Character Wheels. Make a large circle on plain paper. Write the character's name in the center (Rev. Sam Parris, Thomas Putnam, John Proctor, Reverend Hale, Giles Corey, and/or Francis Nurse). In each quarter of the wheel, list one of the following: Background (minister, farmer, etc.), Physical Appearance (approximate age and physical description), Temperament (characteristic or habitual mode of emotional response, i.e., "he is of a nervous ~.", and Ideas (what he/she thinks or believes). 10
5. Create a conflict chart showing the multiple conflicts in the play between the Proctors and others and between the Putnams and others. 10
6. After reading Acts 1 and 2, complete a Cause and Effect Organizer. On a plain sheet of paper, draw three columns and label them as follows: Cause of, Event, and Effect of. Record 10 events with respective causes and effects. You may repeat this for Acts 3 and 4, if you wish (up to 10 points for each organizer). 20
7. Write a ballad about the characters and events in the play. Your ballad should have five or more stanzas and should include 10 or more facts from the story. 10
8. Create a mobile of characters in the play based on their social positions (property owners and community leaders; servants, outcasts and minors; and outsiders). Include physical descriptions and character traits OR show these with sketches. 10
9. As you read, create a Plot Diagram or Story Map. Include setting, major characters, conflict, rising action (4 events), climax, falling action (3 events), and resolution. 12
10. Write a series of five journal entries from the point of view of John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, or Abigail Williams. Each entry (handwritten) should be approximately one page in length and should reflect your character's feelings about an important event or series of events in the story. 10
11. Act out a key scene from Act IV (the scene with Hale and Danforth OR the scene between Elizabeth and John Proctor). 10
12. Watch the video and create a chart that compares/contrasts it with the written play. Write a comparison (1/2 to 1 page in length) of the theme of Miller's play with the theme of the Hollywood version. 15
13. Group Poster-Chain of Events. Working with two other students, make a list of ten of the important actions or events of ONE act in the play. By group consensus, choose six of the most important events in the act you have chosen On poster board, draw six large boxes and put arrows between them. Fill in the boxes on your poster with details that develop action, climax, and/or resolution. Present your poster to the class. 10
NOTE: Students must complete the "C" Layer (70 points, minimum) before assessment on the "B" Layer. Total "C" Points: ________
B Layer. Choose ONE activity. You will be verbally assessed for the ONE activity you choose to complete. Date Points Earned
1. Create a wanted poster. Imagine that one of the accused witches has disappeared. Underneath the picture, write her name in large, bold letters. Include a paragraph that thoroughly describes her and her crime(s).
2. Draw five cartoons that show dramatic irony or verbal irony in the play. Underneath each one, briefly explain how it is ironic. For full credit, your cartoons should include details and color.
3. Conduct an interview. With a partner, research the author's life. Write a script for an interview between a newspaper reporter and the author, shortly after the publication of the play. Role-play your script for the class.
4. Write an epilogue to extend the story. Your epilogue should include characters from the play in a new situation or facing a new conflict related to events in the story. It may be handwritten, but should be 1½ to 2 pages in length.
5. Write a letter in your best cursive writing from Elizabeth Proctor to her condemned husband John. The letter should detail her grievances, any blame she might feel, or it may express her beliefs and/or her regrets. The language and style of the letter should reflect the way Elizabeth speaks in the play. On another sheet of paper, write a response from John that expresses how he may feel toward Elizabeth now and his beliefs and/or regrets. Prepare a final draft of each letter on plain white paper.
6. Design a book jacket for the play that would be no larger than a sheet of plain white paper. Your jacket should include illustrations of 5 or more elements from the play. You might include one or more characters, events, symbols, etc.
TOTAL POINTS FOR "B" LAYER and the "C" Layer (80-89 possible)
A Layer. Choose ONE activity. You will be verbally assessed for the ONE activity you choose to complete. Date Points Earned
1. Opinion on Witches. What do people believe about witches today? Get an "A" level worksheet. Go to the library or use the Internet and find three sources as current as possible on the topic. Summarize the main points of each article on the worksheet. On notebook paper or using a computer, draft your opinion on the issue, citing some of your research (check the stylebook for how to do this). Your opinion should be approximately 200 words or more (two good paragraphs). Proofread, edit, and type your final opinion. Turn in the following: Rough draft and final (typed) draft with citations_____ Works Cited ____ "A" level worksheet____
2. Historical Poster Report. How did the political events of the 1950s influence the writing of The Crucible? Research the fear of Communism in the 1950s, and use the information you gather to make a poster report. Turn in "A" Level worksheet ____ and Works Cited ____
3. Houses of Worship. What houses of worship are present in our city? What different denominations are represented? How many are there? Discover when churches first became established in this area. How do current notions of religious freedom contract with Puritan notions? (Research may take the form of 3 interviews). Turn in your Rough draft and final (typed) draft with citations____ Works Cited ____ "A" Level worksheet ____
TOTAL POINTS earned for this unit (100 possible).