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Pre-K Math Unit: Numbers and Counting

by Kyla Dufrene

Waxahachie, Texas

Week #1

Day 1

1. Class discussion (circle time)-- Show picture of the number 1. Go over what 1 is; show with fingers. Find single items in the room (one window, one fish, etc.)

2. Center Time:

5 Centers are set up all week. Students choose 3 centers each day. Teacher will signal students when to rotate to the next center.

Center #1: Shaving cream numbers. Students write numbers in shaving cream on desks.

Center #2: Cards with pictures of objects; 1 apple, 2 worms, 3 apples, etc. Students pick out cards for that day's number. (Day 1-students pick out pictures of single items.)

Center #3: Coloring Sheet; practice tracing number 1 (or 2, etc. depending on the number of the day). Students then color a picture of one item-one animal, etc. or two items-two trees, etc. for each number of the day.

Center #4: Dot Numbers. Students "trace" numbers with fingers, then practice writing the number of the day.

Center #5: Students follow along as a book about numbers is read on tape.

Days 2 - 5

1 Repeat day 1 activities, changing the number of the day on each day.

Day 2 = Number 2

Day 3 = Number 3

Day 4 = Number 4

Day 5 = Number 5

1 Repeat Center Time from day 1. Center materials should reflect the number of the day.

**Tell the students that next week, they will be asked to bring items for each of the numbers (1-5) each day. For example, on day 1, students should bring 1 of something to show and tell.

Week #2

Day 1

1. Show and Tell. Students show their item(s) for the day. Review numbers from last week. Introduce the order of numbers 1-5. Practice counting 1-5, using fingers, people, etc. ("one chair, two chairs, three.etc).

2. Read a "big book" on counting together.

3. Center Time:

Six Centers are set up all week. Students choose 3 centers each day. Teacher will signal students when to rotate to the next center.

Center #1: Students will cut out pictures from magazines to match the number shown at the center. (Numbers should be changed each day.)

Center #2: Use teddy bear counters to show the number on the card in the center. You could also leave other small objects for counting out the given number.

Center #3: Students match pictures of items to the number given on cards.

Center #4: Students find quantities of items in the room to match the numbers given on cards.

Center #5: Practice writing numbers 1-5 in the sand.

Center #6: Simple graphing with M&Ms. Place 10 M&Ms in a baggie. Students have a simple graph and crayons. Students graph the number of each color M&M. (Lie M&Ms on squares, take off to eat, then color the square.) When completed, students will have a simple bar graph of the number of each color M&M in the baggie.

Days 2 - 5

1. Repeat Day 1 activities, emphasizing the order of numbers 1-5. Bring in new items for counting and a couple of different "big books" to read during the week.

Week #3: B Layer

Days 1-5: Make a Number Book

Using folded construction paper, pictures from magazines, and student drawings, students will make a book about the numbers 1-5.

Extension activity for those finished early-design a book cover.