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3rd Grade Reading: Sarah Plain and Tall

by Kyla Dufrene

Waxahachie, Texas

C Layer: (79 pts maximum)

*Items marked with an asterisk (*) are REQUIRED.

*1. Participate in class readings and chapter discussions. 1 2 3 4 5 (3 pts per day)

2. Write an ad for a newspaper. Pretend you have 2 children. You are a widow or widower and you are looking for a spouse (10 pts)

3. Draw a T-chart comparing the Kansas prairie and the Maine coast (5 pts)

4. Choose 3 wildflowers described in chapter 4. Draw a picture of each and write a description of each including when it blooms, if it has berries, etc. You may use a wildflower field guide to help you. (15 pts)

5. Design and make your own bird. You may choose from the following birds: marshhawk, sea gull, meadowlark, turkey buzzard, or a crow. (15 pts)

6. Seashell poster: Learn about shells from the Maine area. Illustrate at least 3 shells and write 2 facts about seashells on your poster. (10 pts)

*7. Vocabulary Quiz, chapters 1-3 (10 pts)

*8. Vocabulary Quiz, chapters 4-6 (10 pts)

*9. Vocabulary Quiz, chapters 7-9 (10 pts)

10. Choose 10 vocabulary words and make a picture dictionary. (10 pts)

11. Paint a watercolor seascape similar to what Sarah's Maine seascape would look like. (5 pts)

12. Write a one page summary of either Chapters 1-3, Chapters 4-6 or Chapters 7-9. (10 pts)

13. Imagine you are either Caleb or Anna. Write a one page friendly letter to Sarah as that character. Describe your life and share your feelings about Sarah's arrival. (15 pts)

14. After watching the video of Sarah Plain and Tall, draw a Venn diagram to compare the book and the movie. (10 pts)

B Layer: Choose only ONE. 15 points possible.

1. Make a diorama of a Maine coastline. Write 2 paragraphs to answer the following questions. How is the Maine coastline similar to where we live? How it is different?

2. List Sarah's favorite things. Take a poll of 10 classmates, asking them their top 5 favorite things. Compare their favorite things to Sarah's. Show the results in a bar graph.

A Layer: Choose only ONE. 20 points possible.

1. Sarah came to Kansas on the railroad. Which traveling method do you think was the best in 1910? Tell why you think your choice is the best.

2. If the book had a chapter 10, what do you think would happen? Write a 1 page summary of your chapter 10.

3. Do you think life is more complicated or less complicated now than in 1910? Why?

Grade Scale: 70-79 pts = C 80-89 pts = B 90+ pts = A

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