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7th Grade Texas History

Unit 3: Americans Settle in Texas and Life in Early Texas

by Kyla Dufrene, Waxahachie, Texas

(corresponds to chapters 8 & 9 in Holt's Texas!)

C Layer

1. Notes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (5 pts/day)

1. Chapter 8 Vocabulary Flashcards (words on p. 160, 163, 168, 172) (10 pts)

2. Design a Texas historical marker for Moses Austin (10 pts)

3. Design a crossword puzzle containing at least 8 historical people from the unit (5 pts)

4. Create a political cartoon about the effect of the Mexican colonization laws on Texas settlement. The cartoon should be from the point of view of a Tejano. Write a caption that explains, summarizes, or supports the political cartoon. (10 pts)

5. Create a T-Chart about the purposes for and methods of Spanish and U.S. Settlements in Texas. The headings for the chart should be "Spanish Settlement" and "U.S. Settlement." (5 pts)

6. Chapter 8 Review Worksheets (10 pts)

7. Learn Chapter 9 Vocabulary (words on p. 182, 186, 191, 195) (10 pts)

8. Imagine you are an archeologist in Texas and you find clothing items dated back to the 1800s. Describe what you have found, draw a picture of it, and hypothesize on its function. (10 pts)

9. Find one primary and one secondary source-NOT from your textbook-pertaining to early Texas life. Make a copy of each source, write the bibliographic information on the back of the copy. Write a 3 -4 sentence summary for each. (10 pts)

10. Create a model or replica of a frontier home, outfit, or schoolhouse in early 1830s Texas. (15 pts)

11. Research one historical figure from Chapter 8 or 9 and write a 2 page report. (15 pts)

12. Chapter 9 Review Worksheets (10 pts)

13. Take a daily quiz over any section from Chapter 8 or 9 (5 pts)

14. "Geography and Math" Box, questions p. 177 (5 pts)

B Layer: Choose one only. Worth 15 points.

1. Research and select a location for a new colony in Texas. The location of Austin's first colony is not available. Indicate on a map the location you select and write a caption providing at least 3 reasons for the choice.

2. Research a practical skill used by frontier Texans. Create visuals with which to teach others the skill.

A Layer: Choose one only. Worth 20 points.

1. If Moses Austin had never lived, do you believe someone else would have had his vision for Texas? Give reasons and support them.

2. What would life be like in a state or country without a constitution?

Grade Scale: C = 70-79 pts B = 80-89 pts A = 90+pts