Kylie Penke
Oakland-Craig Schools
Oakland, NE

The Cell Song

(To the tune of Cadillac Cowboy by Chris Ledoux) 

Verse 1:

It all starts with the (D) nucleus

Yeah it’s really (G) quite a mess

The nucleolus making (D) ribosomes

Which make the (A7) proteins

Without the (D) proteins

We wouldn’t get the message (G) from our genes

We couldn’t repair (A7) our cell parts

And that just aint to (D) keen 


10-4 buddy (G) come on back

Talkin’ ‘bout (D) animals and plants

Yeah, we’re all (A7) made of cells

That’s what the (D) theory states

The cytoplasm is the (G) gelly stuff

Outside the (D) nucleus

It holds the (A7) organelles

That we know (D) today 

Verse 2:

Next stop is the (D) ER

Folded membranes look (G) bizarre

The protein change a (D) little bit

Then their (A7) good to go

To the golgi (D) complex

Sometimes called the (G) post office

‘Cuz they get (A7) packaged up

And sent out with the (D) flow 

Repeate Chorus 

Verse 3:

Cells need to (D) respirate

Mitochondria (G) is the place

They break down the (D) glucose

Into (A7) ATP

Don’t forget the (D) lysosome

Digestin’ cell parts (G) when their old

They can be (A7) used again

Recycling’s the (D) key 

Repeat Chorus 

Plant cells, now what’s the (D) diff

The’ve got cell walls that make ‘em (G) stiff

And they’ve got the (D) chloroplasts

That make them (A7) green

They trap the (D) sunlight

Makin’ sugar (G) day and night

Photosynthesis is (A7) what it’s called

A vegetarian’s (D) dream 

Repeat Chorus 

Cell parts now there’s a (D) lot

Here’s the one’s that I (G) forgot

Plasma membrane (D) holds ‘em in

And lets waste (A7) out

Cytoskeleton and (D) centrioles

Plants have large (G) vacuoles

Now you’ll do well (A7) on your test

I have no (d) doubt 

Repeat Chorus (last time—thank goodness!)