Unit 8 Layered Curriculum Guide
Chapters 21-25

Leanne Winkler
Pickney High School in Michigan

Essential Question: In what ways will the choices you make today determine your future health and well-being?

C-Layer    Choose from the following and earn 65 points max
_____    Study Guide- your choice!!! (10 points)
_____    Vocabulary Words (10 points)
_____    Discussion on Chapter 21and complete Common Types of Medicines Worksheet. (5 points)
_____    Tobacco video-list facts (5 points)
_____    Complete the UP IN SMOKE! Worksheet (5 points)
_____    LIGHT UP A MATCH!!!! Smoking Vocabulary Match-Game (5 points)
_____    Alcohol Lecture-take notes with follow up Nut and Bolt activity (5 points)
_____    Bombed video- write a reflection on video. (5 points)
_____    Draw a cartoon of how alcohol effects different parts of the body.  Be specific. (5 points)
_____    Stages of Alcoholism group activity. (5 points)
_____    Complete one of the three Enrichment Activity worksheets (5 points)
_____    Drug Information-class activity. (10 points)
_____    Write a story about addiction and recovery in another language. (5 points)
_____    Listen to Drug lecture on addiction and take notes. (5 points)
_____    Drug Vocabulary Crossword (5 points)
_____    Watch 28 days – complete worksheet (5 points)

B- Layer    Complete one of the following to earn 15 points max.
_____    What are the top 5 most dangerous legal drugs and top 5 most dangerous illegal drugs?
_____    What is worse based on short term and long term effects, alcohol or marijuana?
_____    Why are drugs illegal?
_____    In a group of 1 to 3 people- create an informative commercial to stop the use of an assigned drug.  Topics can be chose from the teachers list.

A- Layer    Complete one of the following to earn 20 points max. 
_____    What most influences a person’s drug use/non-use?
_____    Are there any safe recreational drugs?