Unit 7 Layered Curriculum Guide
Chapter 17, 19 and 20

Leanne Winkler
Pickney High School in Michigan

Essential Question: In what ways will the choices you make today determine your future health and well-being?

C-Layer    Choose from the following and earn 65 points max
_____    Two Day Diet Diary- and make a chart of the foods you eat and are lacking 
(10 points)
_____    Nutrient Discussion, take notes and Basic Nutrient Match (10 points)
_____ research activity (15 points)
_____    Calorie Game (5 points)
_____    Vocabulary of chapters 17, 19 and 20 (10 points)
_____    Write a newspaper article explaining what good nutrition is, the recommended food one should eat, and the effects of eating nutritionally. (10 points)
_____    Diet Related Illnesses (10 points)
_____    Watch the Super Size Me video and take notes on 10 interesting facts
 (10 points)
_____    Watch the eating disorders video and take notes  (5 points)
_____    Chapter 20 Life Management Skills worksheet  (5 points)

B- Layer    Choose one of the following to earn 15 maximum points
Presentation must include visual.
_____    What is the most healthy restaurant in the Pinckney area?  Explain why it is the most healthy restaurant.  It is important to do some research for this question, whether you search the menus on the internet or go restaurant to restaurant to ask questions about their menus.
_____    What are the long-term effects of the elderly who have been lacking nutrients over a short term or an extended amount of time?
_____ What are positive and negative effects on the body of supplement loading for muscle gain?
_____    What is worse butter, margarine
_____    What is so bad about artificial sweeteners?
_____    What is worse, Diet or Regular soda?
_____    Water, vitamin formulated water, fountain water or flavored water, what is best.
_____    Can diet be related to mental disorders other than eating disorders?

A-Layer    Choose one of the following to earn 20 maximum points
Be sure to complete research and support you opinion of the statement with research.
_____     Dieting is good for your health.
_____    “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”
_____ Nutritional health is a long-term lifestyle.