Unit 2 Layered Curriculum Guide
Chapter 2,3 and 4
Leanne Winkler
Pickney High School in Michigan

Essential Question: In what ways will the choices you make today determine your future health and well-being?

C- Layer    Choose from the following and earn 70 Maximum Points
_____     Draw Maslow’s  Hierarchy of Needs and illustrate what each step means and how it is achieved. (5 points)
_____    Listen too and take part in the Sherlock Holmes Game.  Write a reflection you ways to handle your emotions.  (5 points)  You must fully participate!!!!
_____     Design a poster/sign of the different emotions and ways of handling them.(5 points)
_____     Make flashcards for each vocabulary word (10 points)
_____     Listen to the Mental Disorders Lecture and take notes. (10 points)
_____ Watch Dateline video on OCD and write a paragraph reflection (5 points)
_____     Create a 2 to 3 minute serious skit on one of the mental disorders and present it.  Please have disorder approved by teacher first.  You may work with someone else. (5 points)
_____    Read the article on OCD and write a reflection to it.  (5 points)
_____     Design information sheets on each mental disorder and type of health care service each disorder may need. (5 points)
_____     Listen to the Suicide lecture and take notes (5 points)
_____    Watch the video on suicide and write down 5 interesting facts or points made. (5 points)
_____ Take part in the suicide class activity and keep a running list of information given. (5 points)
_____    Life skills worksheet on mental disorders (5 points)
_____     Take part in the stress lecture and review notes given.  (5 points)
_____     10 Ways to handle your stress worksheet (5 points)
_____     Relaxation Technique Day (5 points)
_____    A Beautiful Mind (5 points)

B- Layer    Choose one of the following to earn a maximum 15 points
_____     Design a poster explaining one of the mental disorders using no words. 
_____     How does stress deteriorate the body? (Scientific)  Create a way to present it.
_____    What is a day in the life of a person with an eating disorder like?  Must be factual.
_____     After conducting research on suicide, what did you find to be the most shocking information about suicide?     Information must be from sources other than this class.

A-Layer    Choose one of the following to earn a maximum 15 points
_____    Substance use increases your risk for mental disorders.
_____     No accommodations should be made to people with mental disorders