Relationships and Reproduction Unit
Chapters 6, 15, 27 and 28

Leanne Winkler
Pickney High School in Michigan

Essential Question: In what ways will the choices you make today determine your future health and well being?

C-Layer    Choose from the following to earn a maximum 65 points
_____    A Great Catch and 3 Stages of a relationship (5 points)
_____    Discussion on Sexual Harassment- take notes (5 points)
_____    Male and Female Reproductive system lecture- take notes (5 points)
_____    Chapter 15 Study Guide (5 points)
_____    Vocabulary Challenge (5 points)
_____    Chapter 8 Study Guide (5 points)
_____    Pregnancy and childbirth stages lecture (5 points)
_____    Draw a picture of the different stages of childbirth and development- be sure to explain and label well (5 points)
_____    Refusal skills activity (5 points)
_____    Research Question Activity (5 points)
_____    Slam Dunk Questions (5 points)
_____    STI research project and teaching group members (10 points)
_____    Explore STI Worksheets (10 points)
_____    STD/STI note taking (5 points)
_____    HIV & AIDS Concept mapping activity (5 points)
_____    AIDS/STI Word Search (5 points)
_____    How Crowded is Your Bed activity and AIDS Just Like Me- write a reflection (5 points)
_____    Contraception discussion and take notes  (5 points)- Must Do

Layer B    Complete one of the following to earn a maximum of 15 points
_____    Why is it illegal for a 15 year old to take part in any type of penetration?
_____    Why do you think having an STD/STI carries a stigma, when contracting other communicable diseases, such as the flu and chicken pox, does not?  Do you think this stigma has an effect on whether someone seeks treatment?
_____    Who should be told if a school-age child has AIDS? Should the nurse, teachers, administration, students, PE teachers, etc., know?  What is the law now?
_____    Should condoms be available in school?  What problems might result, if any?  What problems have resulted, if any?

Layer A    Complete one of the following to earn a maximum of 20 points
_____    Will there be cure for AIDS in your lifetime?
_____    Why does teen pregnancy rates continue to rise?