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Lion Witch Wardrobe

Sara Betts,

Augusta Park Primary School, Port Augusta, South Australia.

Layer 'C' (Max. of 45 points) (Basic understanding.)

1. Draft a synopsis of the entire story of 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe', as you recall it. (10)

2. View the film 'the Never Ending Story' and then complete the Fantasy worksheet attached to this handout.(20)

3. Complete the magic wardrobe illustration attached to this handout. (10)

4. Writers have definite reasons for separating their works into chapters. Complete the chapter analysis activity included in this handout. (10)

5. Design in your English book, a travel machine for moving from one environment and time, to another place and time.(10)

6. Record your own 'radio news report' about the discovery of 'Narnia'. Pretend that it has actually occurred. How would it be reported to the public on 5AU? Tape your report on audio tape! (5)

Layer 'B' (Max. of 25 points) (Student designed application of what was learnt in 'C' level.)

1. Construct the land of Narnia as a 3D model, showing the characters inside the model and also showing how the house, bedroom and wardrobe relate to the land of Narnia.(15)

2. Write an essay discussing your opinion about the likelihood of time travel. Do you think it really has happened in the past or is possible in the future? Explain your response clearly! Length: ¾ of page minimum. (20)

3. Use the internet to research the time travel phenomenon and present your findings in your own words, in your English book.(15)

4. Write your own short story using the feature of 'time shift' and ensure that you write in the genre of 'fantasy'. Min. length: 1 page. Submit plan, rough copy and published final copy.(20)

5. Why do you think CS Lewis created Aslan as a lion and Tumnus as a fawn? Draft your theory in your English book! Length: Min. of 1/4 page. (5)

Layer 'A' (Max. of 30 points) (Critical analysis of a current issue on the topic.)

1. Write an essay debating the importance of fiction. Is it important for young people to explore such stories? What are the benefits of fiction texts at school? Is fiction important to us outside the context of school? Length: ¾ page.(15)

2. Research CS Lewis and provide the class with a brief oral presentation about this author and also explain why you think he wrote 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'.(10)

3. Check the time in which CS Lewis wrote 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' and then research some other fiction works written around the same time. Are there similarities between the texts? Is the language usage, setting and source of conflict similar? Are the themes the same? (Use the internet and other resources available in our school and town libraries.)(5)

4. Do you think the character of 'Edmund' is seduced by the idea of having power in Narnia? Is this why he considered betraying his family? Write two paragraphs explaining your response! (5) Mrs Betts.