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Drama - Antigone

by Lisa von Braun

Tech Boston Academy, Boston, MA

Reading: Drama- Antigones -Sophocles p.277-299 Interactive Reader or p. 771-p.809 Blue Lit Book Online at : Vocabulary sated savannah anarchists carrion sententiously decree sultry garland transcend Zeus Curse of Oedipus contempt scavenging,scavenger
Poetry David Diop To my Mother p. 216 (Blue Book) Old Song p. 217 (Blue Book)
Literary Terms : prologue climax protagonist / antagonist chorus resolution

Level C - Must complete at least two from this section.

C1 In your opinion, (a) is Antigone or Creon the more tragic character? (b) which character suffers the greater downfall? Give evidence from the text to support your view. (Write in complete sentences) = 15 points

C2 How is the struggle between Antigone and Creon resolved? Identify the climax of the play and two events that take place in the resolution. (Write in complete sentences) = 15 points

C3 Recite either one of the poems out loud to the class= 5 points - can repeat with different text for added credit ( other poems by David Diop)

C4 Grammar: Blue Book p. 744. Good and Well. #1-4 and write three sentences using good and well correctly in each sentence.= 15 points

C5 Use one vocabulary word or literary term above to write a sentence. Your sentence needs to reflect that you know the meaning of the word, each sentence uses a new word. Ten sentences total.= 15 points.

C6 Read aloud during class, as a character in the play (length determined by teacher) = 5-15 points

C7 Write a paragraph that describes who Sophocles was and why he was important. Include a picture/graphic. (needs to be in your own words) (minimum 150 words)=15 points.

Level B - Maximum of two from this section.

B1 Research/Investigate- Create a Powerpoint slide show that illustrates the play Antigone. You need 10-15 slides, each slide needs a quote of text from the play (2-10 lines) and a picture to illustrate. =25 points

B2 Read an article in Sports Illustrated/ESPN sports/Time or Newsweek that is at least 2 pages long. Write a summary of the article-be sure to include the date of the magazine and the magazine name= 25 points.

B3 Write a short tragic poem (at least 20 lines and two/more stanzas) = 25 points

Level A - Only one from this section.

A1 (This assignment can be done by 2 people together)

Create a multi-media presentation (this means more than one source) on Ancient Greek theatre.

Your presentation should answer these questions:

What was a chorus?

Where did the actors stand in Greek theatre?

Where was it performed?

During what time period did ancient Greek theatre exist?

Include illustrations, diagrams, historical maps, and timelines. You could speak, show pictures, show Powerpoint slides, use actors, use a rap song,poem, or a combination. Your presentation should include quotes from Antigone.= 35 points

A2 Read the reviews on pages p.813-814 (Blue book). Answer questions 1-8 p. 815 using complete sentences = 30 points.

A3 Write a short story, a tragedy. Minimum 500 words= 35 points

A4 (Honors) Read and Write: Read The Analects by Confucious p.221-222 Blue book. Answer Questions #1,5,6,7,8 using complete sentences. = 35 points

You will find help online at go to> Textbook Resources>Language Arts> Literature>Student Platinum>Unit 1>Internet