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Unit: Night by Elie Wiesel Chapter One

by Lisa von Braun

Boston, MA

NIGHT- Elie Wiesel Chapter 1 p.1-20 Sighet, Transylvania Webquest resources Map Places (B3) Transylvania Hungary, Budapest Galicia Germany Stalingrad Budapest ghetto Ezra Malik gardens the train station Elie's house Kahn's house
Vocabulary p.1 beadle encumbered waiflike awkward timidity snatches cabbala profoundly Maimonides p.2 esteem cultured p.3 divine essence revelations initiation p.4 deportees lorries p.5 Talmud heartening p.6 Zionism emigration Fascists p.7 billeted optimists p.8 Passover p.9 ghetto p.10 Pentecost Talmud p.11 deportation social welfare p.13 truncheons indiscriminately convoy p.15 cringing minutely p.16 morale Messiah p.17 swine p.20 prolonged Gestapo

EVERYONE: You need to read p.1-20 in Night, either with us in class or on your own.

Level C - Must complete at least two from this section.

C1 Describe the setting when the story opens. Include time, place and several adjectives to describe it in at least two sentences. = 10 points

C2 Choose ten words from the "Spelling Demons" list(last week's packet). Study, and have the teacher quiz you(verbally or in writing). You must get them all perfect, but you can retake until you get it right. = 15 points

C3 Find something you wrote previously that has a lot of mistakes in it (any subject). Print it outuse the "Proofreading Marks" and mark up the mistakes in your work using a colored pen. You need to use at least 5 different proofreading marks on your paper. =15 points

C4 Read aloud in class = 5 points (can repeat)

C5 Pronounce or read all the vocab words (to teacher) This may take some practice.= 5 points.

C6 Make 10 flash cards using vocabulary (above) from the story, ask teacher to quiz you = 10 points

C7 Write ten sentences using one new vocab word in each sentence = 15 points

C8 15 points - Answer these questions fully, in writing or verbally to teacher:

1.. Describe Moshe, the Beadle.

2. Why did Eliezer pray, and why did he cry when he prayed?

3. Upon his return, what story did Moshe tell?

4. Why didn't the people believe him?

5. Cite examples of how the Jewish citizens of Sighet began to lose their rights.

C9 Make ten flashcards for literary terms we have covered in previous lessons. Term on one side (write it LARGE, in marker), definition on the other. Teacher can quiz you, or you can use them to quiz the class =15 points


B1 Write a short biography , approx. 300 words, about Elie Wiesel. No plagiarism! You won't get points unless ALL of it is in YOUR OWN WORDS = 25 points.

B2 Write a reflection on what happened in Chapter One of Night. You can reflect on the events, what you know about the Holocaust /or how it relates to other history/your life.

=25 points

B3 Create an annotated map/inspiration/ PowerPoint slide show that shows all the locations in Chapter 1- see map list- Annotated means that for each entry you make a little box and explain its significance to the story. For example: ghetto =25 points

B4 Make a 10 question multiple choice quiz covering information in chapter one, also include some questions on how the characters are reacting or feeling. 25 points + 5 more points if you make the class take your quiz (can be on overhead, verbally, or on paper)

B5 Write a brief narrative (300 words) Discuss your answers to the following questions: What do you know about the Holocaust? Where did you learn it? What literature of the Holocaust have you already read? What people have you met, movies have you seen, stories have you heard? Do you have a personal connection with someone who experienced the Holocaust? Do you want to know more about this subject? Why or why not?. = 25 points

Level A - Only one from this section.

A1 Memorize one of the poems we studied in Week 2 or Week 3 - recite to the class = 35 points

A2 Create a study guide for this chapter. Include a summary, characters/characterizations, setting, themes, and 10 questions you have made up on your own. Your questions should cover specific information as well as themes covered in this chapter.= 35 points

A3 Locate 3 works of art and complete (3) reflections -for Webquest assignment (see that link on email) -35 points

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