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by Lisa von Braun

Tech Boston Academy, Boston, MA

Royal Blue Literature book: Poetry- The Stolen Child -William Butler Yeats Meeting at Night- Robert Browning The Kraken- Alfred Lord Tennyson In Flanders Fields - John McCrae Reapers- Jean Toomer Prayer of First Dancers- Navajo Vocabulary millennial p. 939 winnow p.939 abysmal p.939 hones p.941 herons p.929 slumbering p.929 glosses p. 929 hob p.930 lowing p.930
Literary Terms Review simile p.949 alliteration p.927 metaphor p.949 personification p.949
Literary Terms : onomatopoeia p. 945 assonance p.945 consonance p.945 Root

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Level C - Must complete at least two from this section.

C1 Vocabulary development p.932 #1,2,3 Fluency:Elaboration; answer in complete sentences = 10 points

C2 Grammar #1-5 p. 932 Grammar lesson= 5 points

C3 Recite any poem in this Chapter (page 923-957) aloud to the class= 5 points - can repeat with different poem for added credit.

C4 Copy poem on p.938 OR p.939 and diagram the rhyme scheme using highlighters and lettering each new rhyme (a,b,c, etc) = 15 points

C5 Use one vocabulary word or literary term above to write a sentence. Your sentence needs to reflect that you know the meaning of the word, each sentence uses a new word. Ten sentences= 15 points.

C6 The Stolen Child- Answer questions #5, 6 and 7 p.931 using at least 2 complete sentences for each question = 15 points

C7 Write a paragraph that describes what cerebral palsy is. (minimum 150 words)=15 points.

C8 Write ten sentences, each sentence contains a word that begins with the root "im" , for example, "impossible". see p. 164. Consult dictionary or ask teacher for help= 15 points

Level B - Maximum of two from this section

B1 Research Flanders Fields (World War I) and find out why it is associated with death. Make a 10 slide show in PowerPoint. each slide must contain a fact you learned about the fields as well as an appropriate quote from the poem. Present to the class for full points-25 points

B2 Write a brief biography (300 words) - IN YOUR OWN WORDS- on one of the following people:. Robert Browning, Alfred Lord Tennyson, or William Butler Yeats. There are internet links to help you on our textbook site- see left side (blue) Author Biographies = 20 points.

B3 Flanders Fields/Kraken Answer questions 2,3,4,5 (at least two sentences for each point) on p.941 (total 20 sentences minimum) = 25 points

B4 Flanders Fields/Kraken - Answer questions #1,2,3 FULLY.= 20 points

Level A - Only one from this section.

A1 Find another poem by either Robert Browning or William Yeats . Analyze the poem to see where the poet is using techniques such as ryhme scheme, alliteration, etc. (see terms listed above). You may also consider other litaery terms we have learned or in your textbook glossary. Write a one page analysis of the poem, giving detailed examples of how the poet uses these techniques, and where, in the poem. = 35 points

A2 See Miss Oatey in her play, Shakespeare's All's Well that Ends Well. THIS Fri/ Sat/ Sun at Harvard, 8:30 pm. Take Red Line T to Harvard and Ms von Braun will drive you to the location and drive you home after. (I've already seen it). 50 points.

A3 Read the story How Much Land does a Man Need? and answer all the questions on p.152 using short paragraphs. = 35 points

You will find help online at go to> Textbook Resources>Language Arts> Literature>Student Platinum>Unit 1>Internet Activities>Damon and Pythias or use address below