Novel Study
War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells
Great Illustrated Classics Edition
Grade 7 Reading/English (Special Education)
Lisa Silletti

Layered Curriculum Unit
Complete the following activities in each of the Three Layers: A, B, and C. You must complete at least one activity in each layer for a maximum point value listed.
The total point value for this unit is as follows. 120 points maximum
A = 100-120 POINTS     D = 40-59 POINTS
B = 80-99 POINTS         F = 39 AND BELOW POINTS
C = 60-79 POINTS

Mrs. Silletti and Mrs. Atocha will correct materials with students during class. Students will be required to explain their thinking on all assignments (oral defense).

Required activities:
1.    Complete chapter notes for each chapter. List 5 facts from the chapter.
2.    Participate in the class discussions about the book.

C Level (60 points)
1.    Find 20 words that are new to you. Write out the definition and a drawing or a symbol to help you remember the word. Write the sentence from the book (context) that you found the word. (10 points)

2.    Read aloud a chapter with friends, each of you taking the part of one of the characters. Present it to the class. (20 points)

3.    Take the main components of a novel study such as setting, theme, crisis, resolution etc. and discuss where each of these concepts is shown in the book. (20 points)

4.    Draw a poster that would appeal to your friends and make them interested in reading the book. (20 points)

5.    Write a newspaper story about the invasion by the Things. (20 points)

6.    Write another chapter with a different ending to the story. (30 points)

7.    Draw a cartoon of one of your favorite scenes in the book. (20 points)

8.    Wells gets into dangerous situations in the book, explain how he escapes harm. List the page numbers. (20 points)

9.    Cut out magazine pictures to make a collage reflecting the people and places in War of the Worlds. (20 points)

10.    Watch the movie. Describe the how the book and movie differ. (20 points)

B Level (30 points)
1.    Draw a map of important places in the book. Mark 5 important incidences on it. (10 points) Mrs. Silletti will provide an outline map of England.

2.    Do a taped interview with a main character of the story. Provide a list of interview questions prior to the interview. (10 points)

3.    Design an award for each of the surviving characters of the book. Write a brief speech outlining why each character qualified for that particular award. (10 points)

4.    Make a video of a newscast from the frontline. What would be important details for the audience to know about the Things and what is happening. Make arrangements with Mrs. Silletti for taping. (10 points)

A Level (30 points)
1.    Find two articles in a magazine that give opinions of space exploration and its effect on our society today. Write a letter to an official (like NASA or Senator or Congressman) giving your opinion on space exploration. For example, should the United States be involved in space exploration. (30 points)

2.    Find at least two articles about aliens/UFO sightings in a newspaper, magazine, or on the INTERNET. List the source, date, location, author. Give your opinion about the truthfulness (validity) of the article. Do you think aliens from outer space could land on Earth? N.B Please do not use information from fictional sources. (30 points)

You must keep all your work sheets, class notes, chapter notes and all work together and organized. Mrs. Silletti will provide you with a pocket folder for this project.

All work must be legible, done with care, colorful, and creative. You will be graded on your effort, creativity, and completeness of assignments. Drawings must be neat, detailed and colorful. Material will be provided when necessary.