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Writing and Literature

by Lisa von Braun

Tech Boston Academy, Boston, MA

Directions: Combine assignments listed below to add up to 100 points. Fill out your points plan for the week and get it signed by the teacher, then file it in your binder.

Last chance to turn in any assignment-.

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Level C

C1 Worksheet Reason Paragraphs (p.57 only)- see B5.

Underline reasons = 15 points

C2 Worksheet 2-50 (p.58) Running down the Run-On Sentence = 10 points

C3 Worksheet 2-51 (p.59) Where did the other words go? 15 points.

C4 Worksheet 2-52 (p.63)Too Many Words =15 points.

C5 Worksheet One is Right and One is Wrong (p.67)= 15 points

Level B

B1 Write a character study (minimum 250 words) of a character you are familiar with from a book or play. What is their personality like? Who would you compare them to (in real life or other books/movies) What is their biggest problem? How will they solve it/not solve it? Who helps them/tries to hurt them? What is most important to remember about them? -total 25 points *can be repeated

B2 Can you think of a person or a character who reminds you of one of the protagonists in the books you read about this year/last year? (Refer to your chart) Write two paragraphs that explain how the person you know is different than/the same as the protagonist. (For example, how Antigone is similar to/different than Juliet, or how Annie John is like a babysitter you know) = 20 points

B3 Worksheet p.81-82 (3-69) a Powerful Paragraph. Answer the questions. = 25 points

B4 Worksheet p. 104 (3-87) Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Write what you think it would have been like for teenagers 100 years ago, today and 100 years from now = 20 points

B5 Page 58.(also see C1, back of same sheet) Write 2 reason paragraphs= 25 points

Level A - maximum of two from this section

A1 Read "Dead Man's Pocket" pages 7-20 and answer questions #1-6 on page 21= 30 points

A2 Write a poem, short story, or opinion piece to submit to me, then to the Messenger = 30 points. Let's see some work in another language! How about a Spanish poem?

A3 Read an article in our class copies of Sports Illustrated, ESPN, or WWII magazine (one that is at least 2 full pages). Write a 300-500 word summary of the main idea(s) of the article= 30 points