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Name:                           Due Date:                          

Unit Title:                                                   

Subject:  Science        Grade Level: 2nd grade

TEKS Objective(s):

         (8)  Earth and space. The student knows that there are recognizable patterns in the natural world and among objects in the sky. The student is expected to:

(A)  measure, record, and graph weather information, including temperature, wind conditions, precipitation, and cloud coverage, in order to identify patterns in the data;

(B)  identify the importance of weather and seasonal information to make choices in clothing, activities, and transportation;                                    

TOTAL Unit Points:  100 points

C Layer: Choose 10 Maximum 50 points in this section.

  1. Take notes during lecture 5/ 1 2 3 4 5

  2. Read a book or article on weather and write about something you learned 10

  3. Create a weather flip book  10

  4. Watch a video on weather and write about what you learned   10

  5. Make flashcards of our vocabulary words           10

  6. Create a flip book on the three different types of clouds using the instructions attached 5

  7. Create an anchor chart on “What makes weather”  5

  8. Complete the weather wheel by providing key words and drawing pictures. 10

  9. Complete the “When it rains” worksheet.     5

  10. Summarize the water cycle in your science journal 5

  11. Create a song on what happens during different stages of weather    10

  12. Construct a diagram to compare and contrast 2 different weather patterns 10

  13. Create a survey and ask friends and classmates what their favorite weather is and what their favorite activities are in that weather 10

  14. Create your own weather book. Explain what happens during each stage of weather and draw a picture. 10

  15. Illustrate the water cycle in your journal and write why it is important           5


B Layer: Choose 2.  Maximum 30 points in this section.

  1. Record the weather temperature for a whole week. You will then graph your data. Make sure you use the same source. 15

  2. Experiment with a rain cloud by creating your own using the materials attached. Observe your findings and collect data. 15

  3. Interview someone in your family on weather. Ask about how weather influences and/or affects their daily lives. Write their answers in your journal. 15

  4. Create and anemometer and test it outside. You will then record your findings 15          

A Layer. Choose 1. Maximum 20 points in this section.

  1. Compose a paper on why you think global warming exists today. 20

  2. How will climate change affect our environment 10 years from now? 20

  3. What can we do to prevent climate changes from getting worse? 20


100-90= A            89-80= B    79-70= C      69-50= D

Parent signature/date contact phone #

(sig. & phone worth 5 points in the “C” level).

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