Marina Martinez

Multicultural:  Layered Curriculum

Social Studies 4th Grade

TEKS 4.19 A

(19) Culture. The student understands the contributions of people of various racial, ethnic, and religious groups to Texas. The student is expected to:

(A) identify the similarities and differences among various racial, ethnic, and religious groups in Texas;

Section III: C Layer                                                                                    65 points

  1. Do an illustration on a poster board that includes information to explain the various cultural heritages within your community and present it to the class. 10pts
  2. Do a mini-book explaining ways Lydia Mendoza, Chelo Silva, Julius Lorenzo, and Cobb Bledsoe made contributions in the development of Texas.  10pts
  3. Read an online article that gives examples of how families in the community borrow customs or traditions from other cultures.  Write a 1 page paper summarizing in a language other than English. 15pts
  4. Design a poster depicting various cultural groups within the state and the nation. 10pts
  5. Read an article that describes contributions of cultural groups to our state and nation. Write a 1-2 page summary. 10pts
  6. Watch video on American Indians and immigrants that have shaped both Texas’s and America's culture such as names of places, food, customs, celebrations. Take notes and give me an oral summary. 10pts
  7. Use a Venn diagram with your group (of 4-6) to compare and contrast elements of two or more cultures within the state and nation such as language, food, clothing, shelter, traditions, and celebrations. 10pts
  8. Write and perform a song about characteristics of being a good citizen through the examples of historic figures and/or ordinary citizens. 10pts
  9. Find two magazines explaining the benefits of being a U.S. citizen such as responsibilities, freedoms, opportunities, and the importance of voting in free elections and write a 1-2 page summary. 15pts
  10. Identify and participate in a local civic activity such as community cleanup, recycling, walkathons, voting and write a summary of the experience. 10pts
  11. Do a power point where you identify and explain the celebrations of Cinco de Mayo, Oktoberfest, the Strawberry Festival, and Fiesta San Antonio. 10pts


Section II:  B Layer                 Choose only one                             15 points


    1. Interview a curator at one of the 25 museums of San Antonio and find out about different cultural backgrounds, multicultural exhibits at the museum, and write in interview form. 2-4 pages.
    2. Interview a grandparent or an older neighbor and find out significant historical memories, or events in their lives. For instance did they participate in a war? Were they racially discriminated against?
    3. Design a poster board depicting Cinco de Mayo, Oktoberfest, the Strawberry Festival, or Fiesta San Antonio with four sections:  Drawing, information (1page), collage of facts (1 page), and a worksheet with questions and answers you choose.


Section III:  A Layer                    Chose only one                     20 points


      1.  Will we have racial harmony in your lifetime?
      2. Is celebrating multicultural event a good idea?
      3. Why does Texas celebrate events such as Cinco de Mayo, Oktoberfest, the Strawberry Festival, and Fiesta San Antonio?



40-55= D          56-70 = C       71-85= B       86+ = A


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(Signature and phone # are worth 5 points in “C” level)