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Energy Unit – Chapter 13
Mark Sailer
Science Teacher
Pioneer Jr-Sr High

                        Unit Test: December 15 Unit Portfolio Due: December 16

Unit Study Guidelines

  1. Explain what energy is.
  2. Distinguish between kinetic and potential energy.
  3. Identify the various forms of energy.
  4. Apply the law of conservation of energy to energy transformations.
  5. Identify how energy changes form.
  6. Describe how electric power plants produce energy.
  7. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of using various energy sources.

State Benchmarks Addressed by this unit.

    7.1.8 Explain that technologies often have drawbacks as well as benefits. Consider a technology, such as the use of pesticides, which help some organisms but may hurt others, either deliberately or inadvertently.
    7.1.10 Identify ways that technology has strongly influenced the course of history and continues to do so.
    7.2.6 Read analog and digital meters on instruments used to make direct measurements of length, volume, weight, elapsed time, rates, or temperatures, and choose appropriate units.
    7.2.7 Incorporate circle charts, bar and line graphs, diagrams, scatter plots*, and symbols into writing, such as lab or research reports, to serve as evidence for claims and/or conclusions.
    7.3.14 Explain that energy in the form of heat is almost always one of the products of an energy transformation, such as in the examples of exploding stars, biological growth, the operation of machines, and the motion of people.
    7.3.15 Describe how electrical energy can be produced from a variety of energy sources and can be transformed into almost any other form of energy, such as light or heat.
    7.3.16 Recognize and explain that different ways of obtaining, transforming, and distributing energy have different environmental consequences.

C Layer Activities and Assignments (65 Points Maximum)

      HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS – You Must complete one assignment from A and B.

1.  Launch Lab – Analyze a Marble Launch Textbook p. 379 (10 points)   1. _____

2.  Foldable Textbook p. 379 (5 points)       2. _____

3.  What is Energy? Notes  (5 points)       3. _____

4.  Forms of Energy Concept Map (5 points)       4. _____

5.  Rubber Band Inquiry Lab  (15 points)       5. _____

6.  Energy Transformation Notes  (5 points)       6. _____

7.  Sources of Energy Notes  (5 points)       7. _____

8.  Make a poster that illustrates the energy transformations when oil or coal is

9.  Vocabulary Flash Cards for Chapter 13 terms (10 points) Follow Scoring Guide  9. _____

Other Assignments/Activities are available if needed. 

B-Layer Assignments (Choose One – 15 points) – Use an Experiment Recording Chart  

A-Layer Assignments (Chose One – 20 points) – Use an A layer Research form.

C Layer Points Earned _________B Layer Points Earned __________  A Layer Points Earned __________

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