ICP Name: _________________________________ Date: _______________

Introduction to Physical Science Unit

Mark Sailer
Science Teacher
Pioneer Jr-Sr High

Unit Portfolio – (Includes all A, B and C Activities) – Due Wednesday August 31

Unit Test – Wednesday August 31

Objectives/Learning Guidelines

1.1.1 Explain how science and technology are related.

1.1.2 List the major branches of natural science and describe how they overlap.

1.1.3 Describe the main ideas of physical Science

*1.2.1 Describe the steps in a scientific method.

1.2.2 Compare and contrast facts, scientific theories, and scientific laws.

1.2.3 Explain the importance of models in science.

*1.2.4 Explain the importance of safety in science

*1.3.1 Perform calculations involving scientific notation and conversion factors.

*1.3.2 Identify the metric and SI units in science and convert between common metric prefixes.

1.3.3 Compare and contrast accuracy and precision.

1.3.4 Relate the Celsius, Kelvin, and Fahrenheit temperature scales.

*1.4.1 Organize and analyze data using tables and graphs.

*1.4.2 Identify the relationship between a manipulated variable and a responding variable.

*1.4.3 Explain the importance of communicating data.

1.4.4 Discuss the process of peer review. 

* indicates most important guidelines

State Objective addressed by this unit

      This unit provides a foundation for the year.  No Specific standards are addressed 

C Layer Activities (65 points maximum toward grade)

Tuesday – August 16, 2005

  1. Safety Contracts Signed and Returned (5 points) – Required   _____
  1. Pretest (5 points) or Inquiry Activity  p. 6 (5 points)    _____

Wednesday – August 17, 2005

Thursday – August 18, 2005

Friday – August 19, 2005 –

Monday – August 22, 2005

Determining the thickness of aluminum foil Lab (10 points)     _____

(Begin Thinking about your B-Layer Project)

Tuesday – August 23, 2005

Lecture – Scientific Methods – How to conduct a Scientific Investigation? (5 points) _____

B- Layer Work

Wednesday – August 24, 2005

B – Layer Work

Thursday – August 25, 2005

B – Layer Work

Friday – August 26, 2005

B Layer Work

A Layer Work – You must have an Acceptable Use Policy on file to use the computers

Monday August 29, 2005  – Last day to work – All C Layer activities must be complete by this day.

A Layer Work Day - You must have an Acceptable Use Policy on file to use the computers

Other C Layer activities

Worksheets  (Choose 3 – 5 points each) – Oral Defense

Section 1.1 Read and be ready to answer Section 1.1 Assessment Questions – Oral Defense (10 points)

Section 1.2 Read and be ready to answer Section 1.2 Assessment Questions – Oral Defense (10 points)

Section 1.3 Read and be ready to answer Section 1.3 Assessment Questions – Oral Defense (10 points)

Section 1.4 Read and be ready to answer Section 1.4 Assessment questions – Oral Defense (10 points)

Concepts in Action – Forensic Science – Read and complete Going Further – Oral Defense (10 points)

Daily Log Summary – Sign up for one day, Submit 2 copies of log next day (5 points) 

B Layer Activities (Choose one - 15 points maximum)

1.  Grocery stores carry many brands of household detergents.  Design an experiment to compare a more expensive brand of detergent with a less expensive one.  Is one brand better for some purposes than the other?

2.  Choose a different product and conduct a test.  Get approval before conducting your investigation.

3.  Create a poster/display showing students how to make a proper data table and/or graph. 

A Layer Activities (Choose one - 20 points maximum)

1.  What are the positive and negatives for using satellite technology?  Do the positives outweigh the negatives?

2.  Choose another question and get approval before starting. 

Grades   40-55 D  56-70  C  71-85 B  86+ A 

Keep track of your points by circling the activity and writing your points received.