Physical Properties of Matter

Mark Sylvestre
7th Grade Science
Gallagher Middle School
Smithfield, RI

100 Points possible: A is 100-90 points, B is 89-80 points, C is 79-70 points, F is 69-0 points.

Students must orally defend their learning to receive points for an assignment.
Assignments in bold are required for all students.

Section I  80 points Maximum

Day 1: Topic: Mass, Volume, Weight (Do 2)

Day 2: Topic: The Tools for Finding Mass, Volume, Weight Continued (Do 3)

Day 3: Topic: Identifying Unknown Substances Based On Their Properties (Do 2)

Day 4& 5:  Topic: Motion of Molecules (Do 3)

Day 6 & 7: Topic: Speed (Do 3)

Day 8: Topic: Work Day

Section II 20 points Maximum

Article Research (See Assignment Sheet)