Chapter 10: Bonds - Thematic Unit Grading Rubric
Mr. Mayo
Business and Marketing Educator
Arbor View High School

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Chapter 10: Bonds Maximum 100 Points

C layer:  Maximum 65 points in this section. 

  1. Listen to lecture, take notes (5 points / section)  1   2   3
  2. Independently read section, take notes (5 points / section)  1   2   3
  3. Copy power point presentation (5 points / day)  1   2   3
  4. Read section as a group and discuss main concepts (5 points / section)  1   2   3
  5. Complete chapter 10 workbook pages (5 points / page)  1   2   3   4   5   6
  6. Create poster of Math problems in the chapter (1 point / problem)  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10
  7. Make flashcards from key terms in each section and learn them. (10 points / section)
  8. Create power point presentation on each section (15 points / section)
  9. Create answers and questions for jeopardy review game (1 point / Q & A) Max 5 / section
  10. Answer assessment questions at the end of each section (10 point / section)
  11. Complete crossword and word search for each section (5 points / section)
  12. Create mind map poster with key terms using drawings only from each section (5pts/ section)
  13. Trade bonds silently with another student at a set price and quantity up front (10 points)
  14. Research a specific bond and its face value on the internet (5 points)
  15. Research specific bonds in each of the bond rating categories (1 point / bond rating)
  16. Research dollar amount of the National debt (1 point)
  17. Research current interest rates of T-Bills, T-Notes, and Series EE Bonds (1 point each)
  18. Chapter study guide (15 points) Required
  19. Jeopardy review game (5 points) Required

B layer: choose one only (15 points)

  1. Create a poem that describes how to use bond rating to make wise investing decisions.
  2. Design a public service announcement informing the general public and fellow students what bonds are and how to choose a good one using the bond rating system.
  3. Research a needed city improvement and write a letter to the city counsel suggesting the use of bonds to fund the project.

A layer: choose one only (20 points)

  1. Write a one page report justifying why the government should or should not regulate bond prices.
  2. Write a one page report comparing and contrasting the benefits and drawbacks of corporations using the call feature on outstanding bonds to reduce interest rates and recommend if this practice should continue or be put to an end.

Extra Credit for the rest of the year: one time only (50 points)

Have a member of the community employed in finance-related positions be a guest speaker. 

Grade Scale:

A=+86 B=85-71 C=70-56 D=55-41 F<=40