Chapter 32: Divorce and Its Legal Consequences - Grading Rubric
Mr. Mayo
Business and Marketing Educator
Arbor View High School

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Chapter 32: Divorce and Its Legal Consequences Maximum 100 Points

C layer:  Maximum 65 points in this section. 

  1. Listen to lecture, take notes (5 points / section)  1   2
  2. Independently read section, take notes (5 points / section)  1   2
  3. Copy power point presentation (5 points / section)  1   2
  4. Read section as a group and discuss main concepts (5 points / section)  1   2
  5. Complete chapter 32 workbook pages (5 points / page)  1   2   3   4   5   6
  6. Bring in news stories dealing with divorce and present to class.  (5 points / article)  1  2  3  4
  7. Make flashcards from key terms in each section and learn them. (5 points / section)
  8. Create and hand in power point presentation on the section (15 points / section)
  9. Create answers and questions for jeopardy review game (1 point / Q & A) Max 10 / section
  10. Answer assessment questions at the end of each section (10 point / section)
  11. Complete word search for each section (5 points / section)
  12. Create mind map poster with key terms using only drawings (10pts/ section)
  13. Research your state laws regarding name changes for children? (5 points)
  14. Conduct online research list 10 websites that offer advise on divorce (1 point / website)
  15. Research how divorce affects children (1 point)
  16. Chapter study guide (15 points) Required
  17. Jeopardy review game (5 points) Required

B layer: choose one only (15 points)

  1. Create a poem/song that explains the grounds for divorce.
  2. Design a public service announcement informing the general public and fellow students what the affects of divorce can do to children.
  3. Research a remedy to the divorce problems and write a letter to the city counsel suggesting the use of that remedy city wide.

A layer: choose one only (20 points)

  1. Write a one page report justifying why or why not the appellate court should reverse the lower court’s decision in Connor vs. Connor.
  2. Write a one page report comparing and contrasting the transfer of property ownership in community property and non-community property states.

Extra Credit for the rest of the year: one time only (50 points)

Have a member of the community employed in finance-related positions be a guest speaker. 

Grade Scale:

A=+86 B=85-71 C=70-56 D=55-41 F<=40