Melissa Wotherspoon
Clarington Central Secondary School
Bowmanville, Ontario (Canada)

SNC 1D1  Unit 1:  Chemistry - Atoms and Elements   Name: ______________

You will keep two sections in your science binder.  The first is for all notes and activities completed in class.  The second section is for your Chemfolio activities.  This checklist is your first page of the Chemfolio.  It will help you keep track of your unit completion.  Choose those you will enjoy. 


q Participation in all quizzes and activities, note-taking, homework completion

q Completion of all unit review questions (to be submitted with final Chemfolio) 

C Layer (you must complete 100 points before moving on to the “B” Layer)   

Will be checked on: ___________ 

Required C Layer Activities (10 points): 

q Fill a Balloon – scientific diagram (p. 13) (submit diagram and peer marking sheet) 

Options (10 points each): 

qqq Lecture notes in graphic organizer format (e.g. concept map, flowchart, etc.) (max. of 3)

q 20 Vocabulary cards with definitions from all 4 chapters (submission and oral defense)

q Watch one video and write down 5 things that you learned. (submission and oral defense)

q Create a PowerPoint presentation explaining elements and compounds (peer and teacher marked) 

q Write and perform a skit that outlines the evolution of the model of the atom (1800’s and later)  (groups of 2 or 3; all individuals must submit a copy of the script) (peer and teacher marked)

q Explain one teacher demonstration (oral defense)

q Complete one career profile from chapters 1-4

q Perform a song that explains the periodic table (you might include history,  organization, properties of elements, etc.) (chapter 4) (peer and teacher marked)

q Write a 1-2 page (double-spaced, word-processed) story featuring Count  HOFBrINCl, who learns about formulas for compounds (2.10)

q Draw a series of diagrams which illustrate the groups of elements. (4.4)

q Create a flowchart showing the classification of matter (2.1)

q Group of Elements: Profile (groups of 2,3 or 4) (4.9) 

(5 points each): 

q Parent/Guardian signature: _________________________________

q Write a mnemonic (memory aid) to remember the first 20 elements of the periodic  table. 

B Layer (you must complete 60 points before moving on to the A Layer)

Will be checked on: _________________________ 

Required B Layer activities (20 points): 

q One full laboratory write-up from chapter 1 or 2 (rough copy peer reviewed before submission; use peer  lab write-up editing sheet; submit this sheet along with a rough and final copy)

q One full laboratory write-up from chapter 3 or 4 (see above) 

Options (10 points each): 

q Case Study 1.4 (Paint) or 4.6 (Elemental Magic)

q Explore an Issue 2.13 (Mine) or 3.7 (Fireworks)

q Interview someone in a chemistry related career.  Submit the questions you asked, responses to your  questions, and the person’s name and company/organization.  This may be an e-interview.

q Connect to your own life!  Choose one concept studied and identify a parallel, real-life situation.

q Compare and contrast two of the models of matter using a Venn diagram.

q Build a 3-D Bohr-Rutherford model for an element (teacher assigned) (submit peer marking sheet) 

A Layer (complete 40 points before submitting your Chemfolio) 

Will be checked on: _____________________ 

Options (20 points each): 

q Create an illustrated children’s book that teaches one of the concepts from one of the chapters.

      Target 8 – 10 year olds who might be interested in chemistry, but who need a “spark”.  

q Study the grade 9 Ontario science curriculum for chemistry (Google it online).  Using a T-chart, make a  list of aspects you like about it, and a list of aspects you would change.  Write a letter to the Ministry of  Education explaining why you would make changes, or what you would like to see and why. 

q Invent a product that is a biodegradable alternative to plastic.  Present it to the class.  Back up your  invention with current (cited) research. 

q Research waste disposal policies in this municipality and make recommendations for change in a letter  to the mayor.  

q Compose and perform a song that could be used to educate people about WHMIS.  Decide on a target  audience first. 

q Predict the fate of the ozone layer.  Describe the consequences.  Create a poster warning of these events  and state what can be done to reverse the effects.  Cite the resources you use on the back of your poster.  

q Create a painting that zooms in on an element or compound.  Remember, you wouldn’t see orbits as  lines.  Additional research will be necessary.  Your painting should be both visually engaging and  informative.  Cite the resources you use, and briefly describe the  information you found. 

q Critique a current, primary source article related to chemistry research.  In the first paragraph,  introduce the topic.  In the second paragraph, summarize the article.  In the third paragraph, state your  opinions about the content of the article, with your reasons.  What aspects of this research do you agree  with?  Why?  What aspects do you disagree with?  Why? 

10 points will be awarded for overall appearance (make it shnazzy!)

Additional items to include in your Chemfolio:

q All chemistry unit review questions (at end of chapter 4)

q Self-Evaluation using the rubric provided

q Completed reflection sheet

q This checklist, completed

q In order for your mark to be recorded, you must provide a response to teacher feedback. 

Final Chemfolio to be submitted on: _________________________

Late work will be assigned a mark of zero as per science department policy.

Please see me if you experience any extenuating circumstances.